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  1. P

    Repeatability of Zs measurements

    Recently I got a DL9118 multi-function tester and one of its capabilities is, of course, measuring Zs. But I wondered how it worked in terms of compensating for test lead impedance (no mention in the manual) and after inquiring it was confirmed it has factory cal for the supplied leads. Next...
  2. bigash

    18th Edition tester or not?

    I’m looking to get registered with the compétant persons scheme. I’m looking at testers and wondering if it’s worth the extra money to get a tester that tests b type RCDs. would the scheme pénalise me for not having an 18th fully compliant tester? wondering on what people’s views are.
  3. R

    Best MFT to avoid RCD uplift?

    just wondering if anyone can recommend an MFT that doesn't suffer (much) from RCD uplift? my megger 1710 is definitely not on the list :angry:
  4. Marti

    Using our MFT on 500v IR as a damp test probe?

    OK, Stop laughing at the back! SO, I'm house hunting and, ignoring the number of beautifully decorated houses with shite electrics - I also want to be aware of any damp issues. This led me to try using the trusty Megger with sharp probes to test for damp. This appears to work, or at-least is...
  5. H

    MFT for sale special price?

    I’m looking to purchase a MFT, that can do all the required tests. Hopefully I can save a small fortune and strike a good deal prior to shelling out a wedge. To that end... (waffle over) Is there anyone on here with such an instrument for sale?
  6. G

    Looking for mft 500mA fuses

    Hi guys , does anyone know anywhere that stocks mft 500mA 600v fuses ? Cheers
  7. happysteve

    Kewtech KT63 MFT with calibration certificate

    Used Kewtech KT63 MFT, with leads, hard case, instructions, and calibration certificate dated 12/03/2019 (i.e. last week). Purchased October 2014, used until about September last year. Great little tester, simple, small and lightweight (will not give you neck-ache!). Only takes 4x AA batteries...
  8. alban moffitt

    Megger 1552 MFT continuity testing????

    hi I have recently bought a megger 1552 tester. it is in very good condition as it was just used as a back up. i have a slight problem with it though when trying to use it for testing continuity. basically i can only carry out one continuity test and then i have to turn the tester completely...
  9. Gakure

    MFT selection for domestic electricians

    I have never used other MFT than Megger. I know there are other popular MFT, but what does majority of forumist use and why? Which one will you recommend for newly gone alone domestic electrician? Regards
  10. PJH2903

    For Sale Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale

    I have a little used Kewtech KT65DL MFT for sale. Includes case, 2 sets of leads - fused and unfused, software and calibration certificate until May 2019. Specs are available here: KT65DL Digital 8-in-1 Multifunction tester | Kewtech -...
  11. The_apprentice2.0

    Electrician Megger MFT 1552 problems ... advice please

    Hopefully someone who has had previous experience can advise. My MFT 1552 has not been calibrated in a while (as I only use it for fault basic finding in industrial sector) However it has started playing up .... it is absolutely fine on voltage continuity etc .... but giving spurious readings...
  12. Noaksie

    Robin KTS1620 MFT Surplus to requirements

    I have a Robin KTS1620 MFT that I no longer require. A1 condition with all leads and original case. Needs new calibration certificate. Perfect working order. Contact me if interested.
  13. M

    First MFT advise please

    Evening all... Looking for some advice buying my first MFT - got my inspect amd test after Xmas. Looking at the usual 2nd hand auction sites (cant afford new) and looking at under 300. Think i have narrowed it down to- Kewtech KT64. Fluke 1653 Metrel MI3000. Not really looked at megger. Any...
  14. M

    Wanted MFT for first time

    Looking for an MFT - first one as have inspect and test course soon and would like to use my own during course to get experience. What's out there.. Thanks
  15. Marti

    Megger 1730 MFT. Not tripping on any RCD tests on known good circuit.

    G'd Evening Lads an' Lasses, I've got a Megger 1730 MFT; lovely bit of kit normally. Ex-demo - not had a hard life and was calibrated about eight weeks ago. I normally run it over a Cal-Card and a captive test RCD about once a month and this time it failed to trip the 30ma RCD on 1x, 5x and...
  16. oracle

    Is a dedicated PAT tester required or can it also be done with an MFT?

    Saw videos on YouTube showing MFT's and DMM's used for testing equipment. Would these produce valid results considering the complicated array of adapters required
  17. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Who needs an MFT, would you use one of these?

    The Vion I mean
  18. Sparksaflyin

    Leads for an mft1502

    Has anyone got any decent mft1502 replacement leads or knows anywhere I can get them without paying through the nose? Need some that are compatible with the kewtech break out box. I’m going to be getting the newest megger soon but while mine is still in good nick and more than adequately does...
  19. MFS Electrical

    Megger MFT 1720 R1+R2 setting

    anyone else got one? Ever used the R1+R2 setting? Was testing a socket circuit for a minor works yesterday fed from a 36 way TP&N DB Everything except the fire alarm was wired in singles through trunking absolutely none of the earths were remotely near the terminals that they should have been...
  20. Zdb

    Strange EFLI message on Fluke MFT

  21. mattg4321

    Which MFT - 1711 or 1721?

    I think my trusty 9 year old 1553 is giving up the ghost.:( I have started getting erratic readings. When on continuity setting the value moves around when you touch the leads. Have some new leads knocking around and same problem. Also had a couple of problems with the 13A plug top lead doing...
  22. B

    mft for upcoming 18th edition

    Hi there, With the upcoming 18th edition, is there anything new being added regarding testing that the current testers will be able to do? I'm looking to buy a new mft, and I want to check that today's market mfts will still do whats required for the 18th. Will earth fault loop impendance...
  23. wildwest

    opinions sought on the TIS MFT PRO

    They got this new tester behind the counter at CEF, its a fancy looking MFT that says it does power quality analysis. Heres a link to the blurb. So I haven't had any experience with TIS gear, to me the red and black makes it look a bit UniT MeterM8 ish but close up the thing looks quite good...
  24. F

    noise sign on kewtek kt64dl mft

    occasionally when testing I get the noise signal coming up on my tester this stops me getting a reading, sometimes I think its a poor connection with probes and I've had it with induced voltages from other circuits anyone else had similar and what else can happen for this noise icon to come on...
  25. T

    MFT shows 235V, Drummond tester says dead, no live present

    Attended call out at shop. Freezers, chillers and tills were down. Using MFT on V. measurement got 235V plugged into socket. Tested inside socket at terminals with drummond tester, nothing 0 V. Switched MFT to Loop and the neutral was missing. Just a bit puzzled why the MFT shows V. and Drummond...
  26. polo1

    Di-Log DL9118 mft for sale

    I have a brand new, unused Di-Log DL9118 mft for sale. Retails at around £535, looking for £400 with free postage. Maybe not as sexy as Megger/Fluke, but a well spec'd tester with a good reputation. We got in part payment for a job done in an electrical wholesalers(!) a couple of months ago...
  27. J

    MFT 1711 For Sale.................

    MFT 1711 for sale. Display protection still on excellent condition. Calibrated until Feb next year. £350
  28. G

    Looking for a used MFT, preferrably with Cal Cert

    Looking to purchase a used MFT, i'm looking for a Megger MFT1720 unless anyone has any recommendations for something else, Cert of calibration preferred. Cheers
  29. happyhippydad

    Just about to spend a fortune on a new MFT!

    Hello all.. hope you're having a peaceful saturday? I am about to buy a new MFT (probably from test-meter as I know they are good) and wanted to ask a few specifics on the megger. Firstly, how much of a pain is it not being able to just plug the 1711 or the 1721 in to recharge it? Do you...
  30. Adj

    MEGGER MFT 1720 For Sale - Unused

    Bought April 2015 as a spare. Kept in office since and never used. Registered with Megger for 3 year warranty (runs out in April). £450. C an deliver to most PE,LE,NN postcodes, parcel post for £15, or collect after funds clear. Paypal, bank tranfer or cash.
  31. Loki

    Megger MFT 1721 - black/white clamp setting on dial?

    Hi, Just a quick question. On the Megger MFT 1721 that I have on the left dial their is a black/white clamp setting. Is this for the Iclamp? Can you use this say for earth leakage or just current usage test? Thanks Michael
  32. happyhippydad

    Considering buying a new MFT.

    Morning.. I'm happyish with my Metrel MI3000, but the loop test is playing up which means having to use the non trip function at times even when there's no RCD which apart from being time consuming is also not as accurate. Quoted price to fix £375!!!!! Ridiculous! So.. I was reading through PE...
  33. Loki

    Arhhh - Megger MFt 1721 err 23

    Hi all, Went to do Zs testing & my Megger 1721 showed err 23. Voltage, Ohms & IR etc all work fine. All worked last week - typical. Just tried calling Megger tech support in Dover but it just rang, so Ive raised a warranty repair. First thing I did was change batteries & leads & also reset...
  34. B

    Multi function tester calibration

    Hi guys Nice simple one Where do you get your mft calibrated and how much does it cost? I have a kewtech kt63 I’m struggling to find prices and companies in Essex that do it Any help is appreciated Thanks
  35. S

    Can anyone recommend MFT calibration service centre in the north east

    Hi All - as per the title, any recommendations in the north east as I don't really want to send the tester via courier ! thanks
  36. rolyberkin

    Best Multi Function Tester and why?

    I have an old Metrel which is fine but would really like an MFT which can do continuity without having to keep pressing test and also has a memory and earth rod test built in, what are your best suggestions, or what do use and why do you like it?
  37. Loki

    Megger mft 1721 going cheap on ebay

    Hi everyone, Just seen a megger mft 1721 on ebay currently at £390 finishing in 4 hours Here's the link if anyone's intrested. eBay - http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=172938506854&alt=web I've already got this model & im not linked to the seller. Just thought it might be a...
  38. sparkdog

    Martindale ET4000 MFT any good?

    Anyone got a Martindale ET4000? I was thinking of getting one but looks like it only does 3 wire loop testing although it has some useful features. If anyone has one I'd be interested to know how good or bad it is. Thanks.
  39. sythai

    In need of Megger MFT 1711

    We're in need of another MFT, sure one of forum sponsors used to offer a discount code? Can anyone help me out please? Cheers Sy
  40. Andy-1960

    Fluke 1652 MFT - Warning to everyone.

    Just a quick word of warning to everyone, we have just had one of our Fluke MFT's had to go the repairers with an ERR1 fault. Initial thought was that user had blown it, but this was not the case. Apparently they are susceptible to having their memory wiped by mobile phones or WIFI devices! The...
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