1. P

    For sale - Megger MFT X1

    Hi I purchased my Megger X1 in July last year so only 7 months old, having been a Megger fan for 20 Years... I've now had the opportunity to get my hands on the Kewtech KT66DL so I am going to sell the Megger... Comes complete with everything in the bag you'd expect and also included is the EV...
  2. M

    MFT Upgrade, what Metrel MFT would you go with?

    MFT upgrade.... I've got an older Metrel MFT that has been working fine for the last 5 years. I have recently completed my EV course and need an adaptor. My old MFT is not compatible, your thoughts on which Metrel MFT would be most suitable. Thanks.
  3. H-electrical

    Can you use megger ev tester with MFT 1721

    Hi I currently have Megger MFT 1721, I am looking to buy the megger tester attachment for EV charging , does anyone knows if the MFT 1721 takes the Megger EV charging adapter Many Thanx
  4. Electrical2go

    Megger MFT Deal at Electrical2Go!!

    Megger MFT Deal!! Upgrade your toolkit with our exclusive offer! Purchase any of the Megger advanced multifunction testers – MFT1711, MFT1721, MFT1741, or MFT1741+ – and receive a complimentary MFL205 Fuse Finder. That's not all! When you choose the MFT-X1, you'll also receive the 1013-316 Fuse...
  5. Vortigern

    anyone got a MFT for sale?

    Got someone I need to supply an MFT to and need to buy it for them. ANy offers looked at. Needs to be calibrated. Uses will be for testing installed circuits mostly. Megger ideally. Please if you can help pm me.
  6. Electreacle

    Anyone on here selling an MFT?

    Anyone on here selling an MFT?
  7. S

    Megger 1710 MFT repair

    Hope this is the right place to post! My old Megger 1710 MFT tester has a problem on the features button sometimes when selecting the Zs mode it turns its self off doesn’t do it all the time. but now some of the other selections are out of sync only started when I got it back from the...
  8. Rockingit

    Need a really basic / cheap MFT for rough use

    I could do with finding a meter that only really needs to do Loop and RCD (type, range, ramp and time), that's small and robust and cheap enough that if it get's trashed in a rainy muddy field I won't be sobbing into my beer too much. Anyone have any suggestions other than finding a second hand...
  9. I

    New MFT, what's the best units to look at? EICR industrial, time saving!

    Hi, I've just landed a job as an electrical tester and need a new MFT (mainly light industrial). As I'm going to be spending considerable time testing I thought I'd ask about the new high-end options. what are peoples favourites? Are these new fancy options like Bluetooth on the mergers...
  10. B

    has anyone managed to connect to a megger mft via bluetooth?

    i have purchased a second hand mft 1731 but i have had no luck in connecting to my iphone via bluetooth. Also, I have cd roms of the megger powersuite but unfortunately i do not have a cd drive in my laptop has anyone managed to get the software without the cd rom? Kind regards
  11. impish15

    anyone got a cheap MFT

    Hi, starting the long journey to becoming an electrician, so looking for a cheap MFT. doesn't have to be in calibration I need it to practise. so can be old happy to consider it. Cheers
  12. T

    Kewtech 66DL or 63DL

    Hi all I'm in the market for a new MFT. I have a Dilog 9118 which has served me very well for 4 years but I need something more compact hence looking at the Kewtech's. I mainly do domestic work and EICRs with some commercial work from time to time. Will the bells and whistles of the 66DL be...
  13. B

    Megger MFT 1720

    Hi I have a second hand Megger MFT1720 and it shows error 23 and wanted to sell this, I have a hard case and all cables that come with it. It was calibrated 2017 cert no STD45397 Serial no 101292160 What do you think it's worth with this error 23. apart from error this is in lovely condition...
  14. S

    Megger MFT 1721 for sale

    Hi all please see my Megger for sale very little use (around 5-10 times) great condition all leads clean and in great condition all accessories present see images thanks
  15. PhilCumbria

    Megger MFT 1741+

    Hi All, Just purchased the mft1741+it seems good but my old mft 1721, when doing a ZE or ZS reading it would start automatically and stop once the test was complete. Ive got the new one to start automatically now, but when it brings up the result it keeps measuring and i have to press the test...
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Selling a Kewtech MFT

    I have a nice new KT66DL MFT and a spare fluke. The KT64DL is now surplus to requirements and going to off load it. Before going through all the effort and bother of ebay and other sites thought I would offer it up on here. Currently going for around £300 for used units on t'internet. Its...
  17. J

    UK Fluke 1664 MFT issues

    Hi. I have just purchased a fluke 1664fc MFT and it wont work. I can turn it on but that's it. It's completely unresponsive, I can't even turn it off. The only way to turn it off is to remove the batteries. I have tried replacing the batteries but this hasn't achieved anything. Is there a...
  18. C

    Fluke mft for sale

    I have a fluke 1652 c for sale if this is of interest for anyone?
  19. Phil L

    New MFT time

    Hi All I know it’s been asked a million times, but does anyone have experience with the below tester, MFT1701 Multifunction Tester MFT1741 3-Phase 600V Its time for a new one and this has peaked my interest, would be interested to hear if anyone has experience with this tester


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