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  1. E

    I would appreciate some advice on my little BT speaker project

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I need some advice with my first Bluetooth speaker project. I'm not sure if my plans on doing a portable Bluetooth speaker are correct (is it going to work?). I have 4 18650 batteries (one battery has 3.7V 30A) that I'm going to use for the project. Also I'm going to use...
  2. PJH2903

    Megger MFT1730 software for Windows 10

    I have recently got a Megger MFT1730 and wanted to give the Bluetooth download feature a try. The PowerSuite trial software that came with the tester will not load onto my windows 10 computer and looking online it would appear that the software will only work up to Windows 7. I have tried...
  3. matt1386

    Metrel MI3125BT ( Bluetooth model )

    morning all, For sale I have my Metrel MI3125BT including the A1401 tip commander. Everything in the pics is included The tester is in immaculate condition and has calibration until November £500 Cash on collection or bank transfer preffered Any questions please private message me Photos...
  4. Jay89

    Recessed ceiling bluetooth speakers

    Hi all, A customer is after some ‘affordable’ Recessed ceiling Bluetooth speakers suitable for a bathroom. I’ve never only ever installed customer supplied Bose and Sonos ones that are a small fortune. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, J
  5. J

    Bluetooth Speakers Wiring With Downlights

    Hi, I am converting a bedroom into a bathroom. I am replacing the old light with 4 downlight/spotlights. I also want to fit some Bluetooth speakers in the ceiling. The only thing is the ones I am thinking of buying come with an adaptor that plugs into normal wall sockets but there wont be...
  6. C

    Speaker/Amp Power Supply

    I'm not sure which would be best suited, a 12V 2A or 12V 3A Power Supply to power a 15W Amplifier (2*15W Outputs) and a Bluetooth Module. I thought that since the amp is using around 30W output (2*15), it would need about 12V 3A in alone (probably a little under that), but the bluetooth module...
  7. Dan

    iPhone 7 - Anybody got or getting it?

    iPhone 7 is out. Lots of controversy around the headphone jack (or lack of) - anybody got one or getting one?
  8. T

    certificate software

    Hi all hope you can help. I have a megger mft 1730 with bluetooth function and would like to use the bluetooth function to fill in certs but I dont want to pay another ₤300 for the on-site software. Does anybody know of any other software that can work with this kind of tester? Thanks guys
  9. A

    Wanted: Meggar MFT 1552 or 1553

    Wanted: Meggar MFT 1552 or 1553
  10. M

    Megger mft 1502/2

    Anyone own or have owned this meter? If yes what is it like Cheers
  11. Midwest

    Meggar 1730 on site 'Software'

    I'm thinking of buying a Meggar 1730 on site, but I'm just wondering on the compatibility of the software with someone like ELECSA. I take it that the Power Suite software will record your test results as a finished certificate, but would ELECSA approve these instead of their certificates? (As...
  12. V

    Change start voltage on Sunnyboy SB1700

    Hi Guys, i wish to change the start voltage on SB1700 inverter, manual says it is adjustable, any advise on how i can get this done. Cheers V
  13. C

    Commercial Megger 1730 and bluetooth dongle

    Am looking to upgrade my 1552 Megger to the 1730 but my laptop doesn't have blue tooth. Can anyone suggest a good blue tooth dongle that will enable the Megger to transfer data quickly and efficiently to my laptop.
  14. S

    14 Sanyo 250 Panels and SB3300 inverter?

    Hi, Not sure if I'm posting on the right forum here but hope you can help? I'm having a 3.5kW system installed in two weeks, and the installer has specified 14 Sanyo HIT250 panels, and the SB3300 inverter. I've been reading around and am now thinking that this inverter is not the best...
  15. S

    MFT 1730 with software

    Hi Guys/Gals Is anybody out there using the MFT1730 with software, I have just bought one and am awaiting delivery. I use a Macbook and have been told that it will work if I run windows for Mac.... Is anyone else running the software this way? Also comments/tips on meter and software...
  16. B

    Extending Bluetooth over Mains Power

    I have installed a SB 4000TL (with its built-in Bluetooth) in a workshop about 100 yards from the main farmhouse. The Bluetooth works fine with my laptop, but won't extend to the house ... which also has walls 2-3 feet thick. The domestic incoming supply and isolator is in the workshop. Is it...
  17. J

    SMA Sunny Beam - System Search Failed

    Hi there, I have just fitted a Sunny Boy 1700 with a Sunny Beam to monitor it however whenever I do a system search it comes up with "The System Search Failed" This seems to be before it has even finished doing a search! Any body else had this problem and if so how did you resolve it? :frown2:
  18. IQ Electrical

    Anyone using a Megger 1553 Bluetooth?

    Does anyone use the Bluetooth setup on the Megger 1553? We had use of one for a week and found it very clumsy and a nightmare for Periodic Inspections where you might not wish follow the usual testing sequence. Just wondered if the latest versions were any better?
  19. E

    Megger 1553 help

    replaced my battered 1552 with a 1553 and have noticed that when carrying out a continuity test , with leads open >999 with leads joined get a valid reading, when breaking leads open again the reading stays and wont return to >999 and this i find very annoying? any ideas anyone? the lock...
  20. S

    Domestic megger 1553 and powersuite

    hi ppl having trouble importing test results from my megger 1553 to powersuite program on my laptop , have managed link through bluetooth but seem to be missing pfc and loop impendance
  21. robd

    Bluetooth feature on Megger MFT 1553...any good?

    Evening all, Have got the above mentioned multi-function tester, have had it for a year or so but never got round to setting up the bluetooth feature. Is it any good and does it actually save time? Also does anyone know if the software is compatible with the NIC forms? Thanks, Rob
  22. E

    megger 1502-2

    does anyone know why the megger 1502-2 is not a 17th edition tester i,ve thinking of getting a new multifunction tester but i don,t want a 16th edition i,m drawn between fluke and megger
  23. Z

    Megger MFT 1502/2 or Megger 1552

    Hi guys, Which one is better? And which one is better value considering that the 1502/2 is couple of hundred pounds cheaper? Thanks!
  24. flukey

    Ford transit for sale

  25. P


    hi thinking of hetting a megger 1552 or the 1553, has anyone got or used one? any thoughts. thanks in advance.
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