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  1. N

    Energy saving plug idea question

    Hello, Just a thought but when a plug is plugged into a mains outlet, say for example a phone charger, is there a way to somehow do something to the plug so it doesn't sap any energy when plugged in but not connected to the phone so it can stay plugged in all the time without usong any...
  2. O

    Are we all looking forward to saving £11 per year?

    Gobsmacked: Smart meters to cut bills 'by just £11' - Just turn off a few more chargers and it would have a similar effect. I've never thought that Smart Meters did anything but add infrastructure that would allow suppliers to apply different...
  3. charlie76

    18th Edition Energy Saving Matters

    I've not read any of the 18th edition drafts but have read some summary points of what to expect. I understand there will be some emphasis on energy conservation. Is anyone aware of what this will entail (in domestic installs) other than low energy lighting?
  4. Leighton Gill

    How is Solar PV saving me money?

    Hi All, First post here, so hello there. I'm not an electrician so please excuse my ignorance in the subject. I recently installed a Smappee energy (and solar) monitor system, and I'm really pleased with how it works. However, I have noticed that the load on my meter does not drop when my solar...
  5. Worcester

    Voltage Optimisation - The true value for homeowners ?

    Just got this in an email today, kind of sums it up really !
  6. P

    Energy Saving Group - rent-a-roof misselling/scam?

    My Dad came across this mob recently (Energy Saving Group | Subsidised Energy Saving Products) - a friend of his has been stung for £500 for what was supposed to be a free install (rent-a-roof type scheme). Reading the following links, they do sound a bit dodgy. It seems they just refer each...
  7. Amp David

    V Phase voltage optimisation

    Is anyone having requests to fit these units. They're rolling out an ad campaign today in the Granada region to start then the rest of the country. Just watched a promotional video on you tube and the chap from VPhase tell the presenter that it wouldn't take any longer than an hour to fit. In...
  8. DaveyD

    New Megger Multitester line?

    Hi Does anyone have infr on the new Megger multester line due out in Jan 2011? I'm needing a tester and just wondering if its worth the wait and/or if the 1552/3 will be sold off/discounted when the new line comes in. Any clue? Thanks in advance. Regards David
  9. P

    solar energy links

    The National Energy Foundation: "Promoting a better use of energy to counter climate change" RenewableUK - The UK's leading renewable energy association - (formerly named BWEA) Energy Saving Trust - Energy Efficiency & Energy Conservation to combat Climate Change. Grants and Discounts...
  10. S

    VPhase Free Training

    I’ve just been contacted by Vphase about their free VX1 installation training courses. This does open up a business opportunity and another source of work for electricians although I still have my doubts about their energy saving potential in a domestic setting. They claim to reduce electric...
  11. P

    v phase voltage unit anyone got one or fitted one ? just looking at the price and it seems reasonable. the ammount we use it should not take long to get the price back if its as good as it says
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