1. S

    how to make spotlights/downlights straight

    hi, i am fitting 8 LED recessed downlights i the living room, anyone got any tips or tricks to ensure that the lights will be in a straight row as my OCD will kick in if there not and il end up ripping the entire ceiling apart 😂 ive got a bosch 360 laser level but cant exactly get it to laser...
  2. D

    Terminate SWA in Wiska or straight to Garage CU

    Hello all, I wanted to know the best approach of connecting to a Garage CU. Currently planning a small wiring project that i want to do in a few months time, when cash and time allows. My plan is to do the work myself and go through the proper channels of notifying the work to the local...
  3. S

    LED flood straight off ring?? C2 or C3??

    Carrying out a EICR. Stumbled on 2 x portacabins. Testing the ring in bottom portacab to find an SY 2.5mm has been spurred off the dado sockets, exits the bottom cab clipped externally upto the top of the top cab and supplies an LED flood. Automatically i thought its wrong. No spur. But im now...
  4. A

    New member, straight in with a question

    Hi all, new on here. Been watching for a long time but hoping someone can help on something I've drawn a blank. Been asked to supply temporary 4 x 63a 3 phase supplies from a genny. All the info I have is that they are pulling about 61a on each so close to the top. I need to work out kw/kva of...
  5. T

    Meter tails through Recessed meter box

    Hi all, what are your thoughts on running new tails from an outdoor recessed meter box,straight through the existing hole into the garage where the CU is situated. Should the hole be enlarged to accommodate some sort or trunking for protection and sealed for fire??? The tails are connected to a...
  6. bigspark17

    Some neat conduit bend

    nice to see someone has taken pride in this metal conduit bend.
  7. S

    Advice On Conduit Bender.

    Hi, I may have a job coming up that will require me to have a conduit bender. There is one local to me on ebay; a Hilmor EL25. However, it does not have the straight formers with it. The seller assures me that it works fine without them, but all the ones I can remember using required them to...
  8. M

    Domestic installation of a hot tub

    Hi, I am installing a hot tub in a friends garden,I am using 2.5swa cable straight out of the dis board on a 32A mcb,to a commando switch/socket,I am not sure if i have to use an rcd aswell next to the socket??
  9. Prime Design

    Domestic IR Tests & Fault Finding

    Hi fellow electricians, I'll get straight to the point. How low do the readings for an IR test need to be on 250V or 500V scale before a 30mA RCD or 32A MCB trips when the circuit is live and in operation and where would I find that information? I know it will trip straight away with a dead...
  10. M

    Domestic mains wiring

    hey all pricing a big job that the board have also quoted for and want to know whats best way to go. the job is new build flats in existing building ryfields in risers on each floor.what I want to know is can I then feed from ryfield to each flat (meter in the flats) with an swa straight from...
  11. D

    site work

    Hi chaps Ive just recently started out on site again and been given the task of installing lots of cable tray sets ( made by hand ) that go into mains cupboards etc. All this is to be done on a price per meter so i have been tasked with finishing off what the last guy didnt do which is all...
  12. D

    CCU Tails do I need to RCD

    Ok I have a CCU change, the meter is in a outside cupboard and the tails pass straight though the wall.....but not horizontal or vertically run in the building fabric, do I need to RCD these tails my gut says yes. Btw they are not in any trunking/conduit just sitting on brick Thanks
  13. tombrooker84

    Bathroom extract fan installation, flex outlet or not?

    Hello all, I've been reading posts on here about bathrrom extracts, and got me thinking. Do you guys install a flex outlet adjacent to them or do you simply go straight in to the fan. I've always used a flex outlet, as these things never tend to last over 2/3 years and it makes replacement...
  14. W

    oven with 13amp socket

    I have an electric oven with a fused 13amp plug connected. If I remove the plug would it be ok to change the wire from the cooker to a 4 or 6mm t and e and wire it straight into the cooker outlet plate?
  15. A

    RCD is it a problem with RCD or is it just imbalance?

    So that's what happened,it's all new house re-wire ,shiny hagger 18 way dual RCD CU.Everything is tested and energised apart from bathroom lights,I was changing the switch,bathroom msb was off,cutted the feed and expected RCD to trip but nothing happened,usually they do trip straight away. Then...
  16. tigerpaul


    Why do manufacturers give RCBO's curly neutral cables? When you fit them into the board they look a right mess, especially when there are a lot of them. If they were given straight neutral cables you would be able to dress them all neatly down to the neutral bar just as you do with your...
  17. S

    Trouble lining up 4x sockets on glass splash back

    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone has got an idea for me! I've got four accessories to line up on a glass splash back, all flat plate metal finish. There's 1x cooker (dble), two SFCU (sngles) and a double socket. I bought three of the brackets that join metal back boxes together, and they are...
  18. S

    registering first job

    Hi. Registering first job. I thought it was 5 quid per registration. I'm with Napit and it costs £15 per token. Been a long day and just finished. Am I missing something
  19. S

    boiler control pricing??

    AS title really what price do you guys charge for wiring boiler controls? y plan? s plan? existing wiring needing altering?
  20. E

    snagged phase in steel trunking

    hi, if i had a snagged phase in my trunking lid how would i find it, would it show up in continuity or insulation resistance?
  21. Y

    Supply to intruder alarms

    Hi all. Have just installed an alarm, but am umin and ar'ing about whether to put the 6A MCB on the unprotected side of the board. Its on the RCD side at the moment, but the main box of the alarm is in the same cupboard as the fuse boards The supply comes to it surface mounted in conduit...
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