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  1. B

    Reverse camera interference

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help with an install problem on my car. I fitted a reverse cam to a 2002 Range Rover along with a android head unit. I spliced in to the loom at the rear and took a feed from the reverse lights and all worked well, that is until I switch the cars ( xenon )...
  2. A

    Car backup camera WiFi interference

    I just got a 2.4 GHz backup camera, that seems well-designed and manufactured, which my mechanic installed for me, it gets power from the reverse-light power line, and it works nicely when I put the gear in reverse. I drive a 13-year old car in great shape. I'm still having issues with the...
  3. W

    Domestic Strange buzz/chirp noise coming from anything plugged in

    Hi, recently I noticed a repeating static kind of sound (here's a recording, its kind of quiet - Vocaroo | Voice message - coming from the power supplies of pretty much anything plugged in in my flat. (first noticed in my computer, then my monitor, charging...
  4. R

    Band 1 / Band 2 Cables in Trunking

    Hi, Just wondering on thoughts for complying with Reg 528.1 "... a Band I circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as a Band II circuit ..." The current setup has steel trunking running around the walls with conduit coming down from here for network points and plug sockets etc...
  5. Gakure

    WiFi interference due to electrical wiring or appliances

    Good weekend all, I am with talktalk as my internet provider, for the last 4months I have been having intimmetent internet connection. I have spoken to talktalk and BTopenreach, visited the premise and replaced modem and BT box indoor so many times, unfortunately the problem persist, no red...
  6. T

    mobile phone antenna interference

    I've been asked to install an LED flood light on a roof of a high rise building, only problem is it will be situated within about a foot of a mobile phone antenna. Would this be something to worry about? will it cause interference?
  7. D

    Reverse camera interference

    Hi all, hoping that you may be able to help me out. I just fitted a headunit with large lcd screen into a Ford Kuga. As well I then fitted a wireless reverse camera which is mounted in place of the rear number plate light. Camera and transmitter are powered by the reverse light at the back...
  8. P

    Interference to LED Dimmers

    Hi Guys Scratching my head on this one. In a kitchen I've installed 3 lighting circuits. - One row of 4 dimmable Philips 5W Mains LEDs in Downlight fittings One row of 3 of the same A switched circuit supplying 2 undercupboard 4W LED strips plus 6 short self adhesive LED strips fed by 3...
  9. E

    RF / EMF Interference

    Hi Guys,Haven't posted for a while ,should be retired really but you are never too old to learn. Any solutions to Radio interference caused by LED lighting or Photocells would be be most useful . Many Thanks in advance.
  10. H

    Can I put these two cables together?

    Hi, got a cctv and a flood light power cable outside which I want to put in a conduit pipe. Can I put both cables inside the same conduit or they have to be separated to avoid interferance with the cctv camera? Many thanks
  11. exdevonboy

    LV Transformers & Radio Interference

    Hi all, A customer has recently replaced some of his 12V MR16 down-lighter bulbs with LED bulbs instead. One of the transformers (which were old) failed a month or so after he installed the new bulbs and I was asked to replace both of his existing LV transformers. They supply 4 No downlighters...
  12. O

    Domestic Running data alongside external SWA power cable - confused about the best option

    This is my first post to what looks like a great forum so please excuse me if parts of this topic have been covered before but I can't seem to find a clear answer... I'm planning a 40m cable run along a fence to get power and data to a garden studio which will include 4 cables: 6mm 3 core SWA...
  13. R

    Can 2 way radio trip RCBO'S

    Good evening, Does anyone have any experience of RCBO's tripping when using 2 way radio near the DB.
  14. N

    LEDs & Interference

    I'm led to believe that LEDs (as in the actual basic semiconductor device themselves) are comparatively strong emitters of radio frequency interference. Don't know about how much power or where in the spectrum but that's what I was once taught. Just wondering whether anyone has seen this as a...
  15. N

    Domestic Noise on phone extension.

    I have an issue with noise on a phone extension. I have tested the line at the test socket at the master and the noise is not present so it must be internal wiring. I have repunched the cable at each end but the noise remains - bar installing fresh cable (which I cant see how it would make a...
  16. La Poste

    Switch mode power supplies??

    Greetings. I know that switch mode power supplies can create radio interference and also neutral harmonic currents but does anyone know why? Does anyone know why the components inside the power supplies can cause radio interference and/or neutral harmonics? Thanks very much.
  17. A

    Domestic Low volt lighting PSU and DAB interference

    Hi everyone.. Looking for some feedback with regard to low voltage lighting power supplies and problems with RFI .. I have tried various makes and models and they all seem to have the same issue. I realise that inherently switch mode psu's give off some airborne interference and my cabin like...
  18. H

    Telephone points.

    Hi guys need some help with telephone points. I currently have 1 main point for the phone, which i have an extension plugged in to connect to the alarm. I need 3 more points for sky tv, what is the best way to wire these, i am an electrician, but have never had an experience with phone lines...
  19. A

    Rescheduled Sky HD Install today Woo!

    I'm getting Sky HD today, if they don't manage to find another reason to wait until 4:30 to phone me and say they're not going to make it to do my they did last Friday, after I spent half the day clearing the drive for the b******ds. Even trying to convince them I was in a...
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