1. littlespark

    Stopping static discharge off vehicle

    Ever since I got the new van, or perhaps its a change of footwear, I am getting almighty belts off the van bodywork after I stop and get out. Is there a way to minimise the crack, or use it in some "playful" manner? First, a couple of questions i'm sure Marconi can answer. Is it me generating...
  2. A

    UK Static shock severity

    Looking for opinions on how severe a (presumed) static shock can be? Client has a passenger lift, passenger presses the lift button and receives a shock, presumed to be static, as nothing in the lift tripped. No entry wound / marks but passenger goes off to hospital and is told they have burn...
  3. H

    Please don’t shoot me. Static caravan and a metal shed.

    Ok. Static caravan....... The site supply arrangement is apparently TNS and the static caravan uses this for its earth. (I will check with the DNO that it is aTNS arrangement.) There are three MCBs in the static caravan CU, one of which directly supplies to a solitary double socket inside a...
  4. Lucien Nunes

    Motor starter / static phase converter repair

    We've had a few threads about phase converters recently. Here's one I repaired on Monday. It's a little box that takes in single-phase 230V and feeds a 3-phase motor wired for 230V delta. It includes a manual 'soft' starter and overload relay. Unlike the units in the other threads, this one...
  5. W

    Domestic Strange buzz/chirp noise coming from anything plugged in

    Hi, recently I noticed a repeating static kind of sound (here's a recording, its kind of quiet - Vocaroo | Voice message - coming from the power supplies of pretty much anything plugged in in my flat. (first noticed in my computer, then my monitor, charging...
  6. Peter Buckby

    52 static caravans. what a HOOK UP

    oh dear. BW glands sunbathing
  7. P

    Connection to static caravan

    Was having a look around local caravan dealers today, and as I know lots of you want to know the correct way to run a supply to a static caravan, I thought you might be interested in the attached photo which shows how a professional would do it! Also you also don't need the installation on a...
  8. scott1

    Static Caravan 100ma OK ?

    Just been to look at a single static caravan on a farm, they are looking for a EICR to be done. Incoming supply is TNCS. 80amp DP protected 10mm 2core SWA running 100 meters or more to a outdoor box under caravan containing a 100ma rcd and 16amp mcb, where it has been TTd fine. From this runs...
  9. F

    TNCS PME on caravan site with static caravan EICR

    hi all i was just in the middle of doing an eicr on a caravan park and wanted some opinions on what codes are relevant to the site. ive got tncs pme 100a 3 phase. each phase feeds a db like in the picture by a 100a main switch and 63 amp mcb and 10mm pyro (earthed with bonding clamp) which in...
  10. S

    Static current causing monitor blank

    Hi. I am currently facing a situation which I never encountered before and was wondering if any of you has experienced it before and might help me out with a solution please. At work, some people are having static electric shock and it's causing there's and there neighbor's monitor to go blank...
  11. R

    3 phase Static inverter Without a Neutral

    ive a 3 phase static inverter with a 4 pin no Neutral power output 420 v. Is it possible to use the 240v power source Neutral on the inverter, change the socket output to 5 pin and use the input power source Neutral as in effect a slave Neutral. The Neutral will not be connected to any wiring...
  12. G

    Static caravans and air conditioning.

    Hi Guys. Here's a good one for you, to rack the techies brains out there. Any views on the following please? By the way I'm NICEIC approved, Q.S. MIET status with IET. Been doing if for years. I have telephoned NICEIC technical today but as always there are unanswered vagaries surrounding my...
  13. dansk

    Laptop at Argos

    Seen this today - cant buy local maybe online - seems good. Buy Toshiba Satellite W30D 13.3 Inch Touch Detachable Laptop at - Your Online Shop for Laptops and netbooks. -
  14. L

    Afternoon Fault Finding

    Got a call from work to go and visit a signage factory, they manufacture road signs, lights etc. One of their machines is used to buff/sand/polish cylindrical stainless steel pipes. This is a belt sander which rotates via a motor inside the unit, the belt sander is then spun around via a...
  15. T

    Large scale solar for static caravans

    Hello all, having spent a few days researching solar panels, contacting companies and doing maths I'm looking for a second opinion on my issue; I have been tasked with an appropriate solar means of powering a static caravan 30ft x 9ft roughly in size. To fully power the home it would take...
  16. zap

    Faulty Metrel MI 3125B or dangerous thumb!

    I have an MI 3125B. When testing for Zs at a socket I touched the test button with my thumb, the tester buzzed and displayed the 'dangerous voltage on PE' symbol. So I de-energized the system to look for the fault. There was no fault and insulation resistance at 500V DC was >999 MOhms. I...
  17. C

    Domestic Static shock from light switches even with power off??

    I was called out to a job today and found something I have never come across before.... when I got to the property the tenant explained what was happening - she was getting what she called a "shock" when ever she turned the lights on upstairs in the two bedrooms and the landing. So I tested to...
  18. T

    Domestic advice for a newbie - Heat Mat (underfloor) in a mobile home

    I've been asked to go out and look at a job - wiring in a Heat Mat to go under some tiles (bathroom I think, but not been out to visit yet.) Firstly, I've never done one of these before, so any pearls of wisdom would be greatfully received. Secondly, I'm assuming that a 'Park Home' (static...
  19. G

    caravan testing

    Does anybody know if there are specific forms for caravan pir or Is it a normal pir form cant find any details in7671 or gn3 If there are special forms and someone can send me one id be Grateful gaz
  20. G

    Caravan Testing

    Followng on from from a previous question regarding certs, Im just about to embark on a load of periodics on static caravans on site. Site supply is a comunal TT, but the actual incommer to the unit will be a supplied earth. Do I treat this as a TT or a simply as a supplied earth? On a...
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