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  1. S

    Installation Methods

    Please could you comment on this installation on this 240v supply, particularly on the outer sheath stripped back on the orange circular, any reference to AS 3000 would be appreciated
  2. J

    installation Reference methods how do you choose?

    I recently got pulled up over my reference method I put down on a fuse board change at an assessment. I chose to use reference method C and he said he wasn't happy because there could be worse in the house. I had been in teh lost there was no insulation other than vermiculite and the cable was...
  3. A

    Loft installation methods

    So new build bungalow is to have 300mm loft insulation as told by building control. This means installation method 101 comes into place however as it's a bungalow all circuits including cooker ring mains etc will be installed this way as they come from the loft space down. This installation...
  4. happyhippydad

    Rings, reference methods and CCC...

    Following on from another thread I have just replied to it got me thinking about ring circuits and reference methods. Appendix 15 shows a ring on a 32A MCB. It does begin with a get out clause regarding thermal effects but it just points you Chapter 42 which deals with fire. If for example we...
  5. H

    Electrical installation refence methods

    Good evening I'm a trainee electrician and currently involved in some EICRs. Was just wondering about the installation methods codes, I've been looking through the 18th edition wiring regulations but can't seem to find the code for say twin and earth cable capped in a masonry wall and so was...
  6. gazdkw82

    Capping installation methods

    I know it's the basic of questions but I'm starting to question how I install capping. I do much work with it as most work that involes domestic work is usually just for friends or family. However, Everytime I do it I always think there must be an easier way. I've tried mortar nails through...
  7. C

    EICR tick sheet other methods of protection

    Hi all, iv recently passed my testing and inspection course and have landed a job doing EICRs iv noticed that people I work with are ticking all the boxes in the section for "other methods of protection" I dont believe they should be. Can anyone give me a break down of what each point means...
  8. H

    Checking installation methods of RFC

    Hi all, Been asked to installed some sockets in our sports hall. These are to power 4x 3kW blow heaters (yes, I know little blow heaters aren't the most efficient method of heating a large room like this, I've made my arguments and may be given the budget to do a proper IR heater install in...
  9. M

    OSG, bonding plastic pipes etc etc

    Hi all Having a thumb through the OSG and on section 4.5 Main protective bonding of plastic services, it says there is no need to bond an incoming service of the service pipe is plastic....thats kind of a struggle lies on the next page; "Where there is a plastic incoming...
  10. rolyberkin

    What are your garden lighting method?

    What are your proven methods for installing garden lighting? I have always gone the low voltage route using swa to feed an led driver housed in a IP65 box then to the light using pond flex. I have a job where I need to run 6mm swa to a small CU in a shed (Mounted on gravel boards and/wooden...
  11. O

    Thoughts about early 1960's wiring methods .... please

    All, Just got in from fault finding a house with a RCD tripping issue ....... it clear cut which circuit is the problem as its almost a dead short L-E The issue is more about understanding the installation methods used around 1960 ..... the end to end readings for the live and neutral are...
  12. D

    Escape route in dwellings fire clips and best methods

    So have been trying to find the best method for containment of multiple cables above escape routes in dwellings (hidden in the ceilng) the little red pre fixed fold over clips look like a pain in the ass. Was wondering if there is a better method (similar to the conventional clips) and If...
  13. J

    Garden lighting prefered methods

    Evening guys just looked at a really nice local house with a lovey garden! she wants 20x spike lights dotted around her garden- split into 4 zones will be using a 4way wise box fitted at the shed in the bottom of the garden what are you guys prefered methods if price isn't too much of a...
  14. Leesparkykent

    Old Italian installation methods....

    Below is from a member called townfanjon from the plumbers forum..may be of interest to some members on here Last week myself and Mrs TFJ caught up with our friends who bought an old nact up Italian farmhouse in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The whole house is wired like this , all...
  15. A

    Reference Method Question

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician, just like to understand things for self learning. I was reading about how reference methods will derate the cable. However, either I have some misinformation or I am not fully understanding. Given the example of twin and earth, inside plastic conduit, buried in...
  16. A

    How to calculate the tabulated current (It) for circuits with multiple Reference Methods (A and B)?

    I am trying to select a suitable conductor size from Fig 4D1A of the BS 7671 Book, and am encountering a problem because the circuit does not conform to one Reference Method. The circuit conductors leave the distribution board in wall mounted steel trunking, then run through some steel conduit...
  17. Les Macaulay

    Domestic Lighting Circuit Methods In New Builds

    To my knowledge, there are 3 methods of splitting the line conductor in each lighting circuit: Joint box below floor, or above ceiling Three terminal ceiling rose/batten lampholder Joint in switch box (neutral) I am wondering which method is most commonly used in new houses. I have been in...
  18. T

    Risk assessment

    Has anyone ever written an risk assessment for the omission of RCD protection? Doing a job in a hospital and the client has specified that they don't want to have RCD protection due to the nature of the appliances being used. ie live saving equipment. Need to guidance to write one
  19. R

    Onsite guide

    Hey guys i was looking at, the onsite guide and the tables with in it and I am finding them a little confusing to read/interperet. Can someone clarify this for me? Specifically table 7.1(i) the installation methods i can't seem to find them in the bs 7671 regs book, or they dont match up in both...
  20. P

    earth fault loop three methods?

    when confirming auto disconnect of the supply it is necessary to determine the external earth fault loop impendance of the system. What three methods can this be achieved? So the external earth what loop impendance is the supply companies end is that right?
  21. A

    Working Clarkson Evans

    Clarkson Evans are currently hiring in the area and was thinking about applying. I am in my third year at college studying my C&G 2330. Has anyone worked for them and can shine some light on the pay and working ways of them? It seems like a good paying job working on new build only but it does...
  22. J

    Two way light switch Hall /Landing 2 vs 3 core wiring

    On a standard hall & landing 2 way circuit (i.e both switched from either location), does everyone prefer using the 3 core method, with each light being fed by the appropriate circuit (i.e upstairs / downstairs) - are any other methods in current use?
  23. I

    BS 3871 Type 2 30 A MCB (allowed installation method)

    hi guys after a little advice re a 30 A Type 2 BS 3871 MCB. Now i know they are old but still compliant , just checked the OSG p 49 Table 7.1 for maximum length and installation methods but there not listed. i have the maximum ZS of 0.88 from page 103 table 2d OSG where they are listed. can...
  24. D

    lighting breaker sizes

    Forgive me if im just being stupid...but the on site guide shows that a 1.5 mm cabe can carry a current of ...12a...or summat like that..cant remember now...... Why then do we protect lighting circuits with a 6a beaker ? ....or am just being dumb here..???:confused:
  25. R

    conduit fixing.

    Hi People, what are the best methods to adopt to mark out fixing for long conduit runs both vertically and horizontally, is it justa case of using a spirit level, plumb line and chalk line Thanks.
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