1. M

    Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people

    Hi guys, Wondering what your thoughts where on these schemes has anyone signed up to these and got any work from them? They seem really expensive and not sure if your even guaranteed the work. They seem a good idea but are they worth it? Read some reviews online saying some schemes where a...
  2. S

    CheckaTrade. Worth rejoining?

    I was on CheckaTrade for domestic work up until a year ago and then left as I was pursuing other work. Anyone still on it? They're pestering me to rejoin and keep dropping the price. Is that a sign the whole thing's gone belly up?
  3. P

    Checkatrade - one review to join!!!!

    Apart from 'check a rip off' stitching their customers up (the tradespeople who pay to advertise with them) by increasing their annual fees by up to 100% (as recently mentioned on here), they also used to require a number of customer recommendations before they would have you on their website (I...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Checkatrade now under new ownership and fleecing folk!

    A friend who is a heating engineer who i sometimes work with on larger jobs where the customer wants central heating as part of the refurb has just had his new price to stay on checkatrade and his annual fee has gone up from £750 or thereabouts and been told its now £1650! to be part of a online...
  5. P

    Checkatrade membership £1,300!!!

    I was talking to a plumber who said his new annual membership with checkatrade has gone up to a few pennys short of £1,300 a year which he reckons is almost double what he paid last year. He said he gets a few jobs out of the membership, but is considering whether to rejoin. Not sure if he was...
  6. Dan

    Mybuilder / Ratedpeople / Checkatrade / Trustatrader

    Anybody with these websites? Do they work for you? What's your experience with them? How much are they costing you?
  7. D

    Trade Check Sites

    I was looking up three sites, RatedPeople, trustatrader and CheckaTrade. I just had phone calls from trustatrader and CheckATrade, I think, or im getting VERY mixed up but i did think i was talking to the same guy. Or are they so much a like i couldnt tell apart.
  8. S

    Anyone with checkatrade or similar?

    Any of you guys a member of anything like Checkatrade? Do they work or worth the money to join? Just looking to pick up little bits here and there really to keep some of my lads busy really? Cheers
  9. markythesparky

    Checkatrade,Mybuilder, Myhammer ratedpeople etc etc.. Your views?

    i used one of these sites some 8 years or so ago and found it to be totally worthless. I had a call from my brother last night who told me that his brother in law swears by Mybuilder. I looked at its t an c's but it looks the same if not worse than the one I tried. Whats you experience with...
  10. C


    Are these types of companies I.e checkatrade, rated people, worth joining? Is this a good way to start a business clientele? As looking to get own work!
  11. M

    Check a Trade. Com

    Anyone had experience with this company? Suspect they are like similar companies trying to con us into paying for work when there is not much about, preying on the vunerable. Think we pay enough money on scams, any views?
  12. infinity


    Hi just wondered if any of you guys have used checkatrade and weather you thought it was of any use to business?
  13. P

    Trust Mark or Checkatrade?

    Which one should I join?
  14. O


    Did a job recently and the homeowner, while I was there logged positive feedback on Checkatrade. They called today and want £499.00 + VAT for a years "basic" membership, about £180.00 up front and the balance over 10 months. So its £50.00 per month. They don't do a 3 month trial or anything...
  15. N


    Hi all, Just wondered if anybody had any good things to say about this crowd? Thanks. Cheers Nick
  16. A


    Are they amu good as I am thinking if joining and one of their reps is coming next week!! Keep the cash and have xmas or spend it and have a bonanza Xmas next year?!?!!?
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