1. D

    How would you (a professional) look to get a spotlight up here?

    So, another impossible question by me here - but any advice at all really appreciated. I'd like to place a spotlight at the top of the peak of my house, it's not a downlight - but a spotlight - so needs mounting on the front of the fascia and then pointing kind of back on itself. The orange...
  2. S

    Professional Indemnity insurance Solar PV

    Our current broker can no longer offer PI insurance for solar PV along with public liability insurance. Can anyone recommend an insurer who will offer PI for 'normal' electrical works plus solar pv? thanks
  3. T

    UK Hi Everyone. An light on What an Electrical Professional Discussion is.

    Hi Everyone . I need advise on my situation. I have C&G 2365 L2 and L3, AM2 certificate and I have 100% on all my mature student L3 EAL Diploma modules . I uploaded my AM2 after passing it and it was approved. Instead of getting the portfolio certificate sent over I have been advised I need to...
  4. Dan

    Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it?

    Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it? Professional Electrician | Professional Electrician Magazine - Who buys it? Wondering who buys the mag? And if so, whether we can get a monthly discussion thread going about it and the articles within it, maybe? Let...
  5. Dan

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there

    DIY Looking for DIY Advice on - Also, we're looking for professional electricians to help out in there. I know this is a touchy subject. We also run, and that has Gas and Oil Engineers on, and that's clearly not just a regulated industry, but it has...
  6. J

    Commercial New Member, Looking for professional help regarding GN3 and On-site guide.

    Good Morning all, I am a new member, initially drawn to the forums by the technical help given by you guys and any potential help I may be able to offer. I am currently doing my AM2, (After 8 years in the industry) As I believe that I need all my papers up to date for the way the industry is...
  7. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  8. sevuk

    Insurance, specifically professional indemnity

    I'm insured with Direct Line for Public Liability, they don't treat church steeples as a hazardous location which is useful to me. However their professional indemnity insurance doesn't appear to cover doing any electrical installation condition reporting, which is part of what I do. Any...
  9. louislouis

    Professional Advice needed Re. Condemned Wiring

    Hello Electricians I'm after some general but professional advice, figured this forum would be a good place to ask and would really appreciate some help. My ex-partner recently mentioned in conversation they had an electrician round to look at changing some light fittings for ascetic reasons...
  10. I

    Letter in Professional Electrician Magazine

    Read a letter about the failings of Part P in Professional Electrician magazine today. It was written by a "Pete" who uses an electrical forum and has over 50 years experience.... I wonder if it's who I think it is??? Anyway, a very well written letter, thank you Pete! :)
  11. P

    Aren't professional photographers great.

    Saw an article on BBC news site today that a photographer took 2 million photos of President Obama during his time in office. 2 million? That means if you looked at each photo for 2 seconds, 24 hours a day it would take month to look at them. How on earth can you be classed as a real...
  12. Adie moore

    artical in professional electrician

    this goes against my understanding, but I could be wrong. it is a price about kitchen installations. it states, when talking about cooker circuits "The circuit should be designed for the stated load current without applying diversity". ie. no 10A + 30% of remaining + 5A for a socket. I don't...
  13. C

    Looking for professional and qualified electrician for Ring Doorbell

    Hello, Looking for a qualified and professional electrician to fit Ring Video Doorbell Pro for London residential address. Thank you.
  14. G

    Bosch Professional User Forum

    Anyone else attending this tomorrow? Or, anyone use/not use Bosch Pro tools and have any feedback, questions or suggestions I can pass on/ask?
  15. A

    Professional indemnity insurance

    Hi Every one I have till now certified my own work and issued the certs as required but now have a job that requires to certify third party work. I have inquired from NAPIT and they want a fee and also require Indemnity Insurance of £250K (minimum).Spoke to STORMA and the person told me that...
  16. Lou

    JM Electrical Services Ltd

    J. M. Electrical Services are an established company with over 20 years experience, in providing professional approved electricians covering Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and the nearby surrounding areas. We are a professional electrical company, that provide high quality, competitive...
  17. Lou

    Fairways Electrical & Property Services

    When we have finished your electrical job we will have tidied and vacuumed, explained everything clearly and made a fantastic addition to your home or workplace. We hope that through our professional and wholehearted approach you will want to keep our details for any future problems that may...
  18. charlie76

    Domestic Unknown installation method

    Evening guys and gals. On your generic schedule of test results after completing a consumer unit swap, what do you put for installation method if you are unsure. For instance, the house I have completed today is all stud wall, it didnt appear to contain rock wool to the internal walls but it...
  19. Dan

    Which magazines do you subscribe to?

    Which magazines do you nerdy sparks subscribe to, if any at all?
  20. Hellmooth

    Info for Nic assessment

    Hi, does anyone have a link for a customer complaints procedure sheet? Need to download one for my assessment tomorrow.......origanised as always lol!
  21. K

    which 18v cordless drill/driver.. ??

    hi all, looking at drill/drivers, wat do u all use.. ang good deals out there
  22. M

    Socket set purchase for newbie sparky?

    Hi guys im currently starting my nvq 3 and am starting to buy some hand tools gradually. For my next purchase I want to buy a basic socket set that I can use on panels when using lugs etc or fixing equipment down! Can anyone recommend one please? I've seen this online but would it be any good...
  23. S

    Jib photo countersign

    Alrite lads, does anyone know if my supervisor can countersign my photo for my jib gold card? Cheers
  24. L

    EICR Im new here please advise

    i only normally do Domestic Work, and have NIC DI status, i been asked to do a EICR on a indian restaurant(old Pub) near me, and im not sure if im legally allowed to do it, i sure i can manage all the testing and inspection but i need to know if there anything extra i need to do to cover my a**...
  25. C

    Indemnity insurance

    Hi all I'm setting up on my own on the side of my current employment. I understand that public liability insurance is a must, but what about indemnity insurance? Is this a must or just wise to have? What does it actually cover you for? If anybody could give me any advice on this would be...
  26. D

    Survey reveals how to find new work

    Survey reveals how to find new work | Professional Electrician & Installer Nothing new but might be of interest to some, we all wonder don't we?
  27. H

    Midland Ladders Roofing Ladders for Sale MIDLANDS

    Brought From Midland Ladders last year, Barely used cost £126.00 New Below is description of laddders. Pick Up only after £70.00 Imagine a lightweight, professional 12ft (3.66m) roof ladder with all the features you would expect.... strong aluminium hook, comfortable oval shaped stiles, rubber...
  28. E

    NAPIT Certification Scheme napit desktop

    When getting my napit visit the inspector mentioned NAPIT Desktop as a way to produce certs. Anyone know if it's any good any good? Do you have to pay the money every year? Is it compatible with the new system?
  29. O

    Bosch GMS 120- or similar

    All I need to invest in a cable/pipe/joist detector - thinking about the Bosch GMS120 - do any of you have any thoughts on this bit of kit? I don't mind paying a bit more for a good one! Thanks
  30. M

    Who can tell me what web design software is?

    Hi everybody, I don't have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? If you have any suggestions to share with me. Thanks.
  31. F

    Bosch DMF 10.

    Evening ladies, anyone got one of those Bosch DMF 10 metal stud and voltage indicator tools?? Was thinking about getting one, but wanted some feedback before i splash around £75 for one. Cheers.
  32. B

    What is web design software?

    Hi everybody, I don't have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? If you have any suggestions to share with me. Thanks. Baron Davis
  33. R

    what and how much insurance

    Howdy all, I am due to have my elecsa assessment in the next couple of months and i need insurance as i am no longer covered by the company i worked for. What insurance companies do people recommend and what cover. I will only be undertaking domestic installations,no commercial or...
  34. S

    Do I need Indemnity insurance ?

    Hi All, If I start doing periodic inspections, will I need indemnity insurance ? Cheers Steve
  35. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    New to the game and looking for insurance. I've been online looking for £2m for a sole trader/one man band, and quotations seem to be in the region of between £70-100. Is this typical ? Cheers Steve
  36. T

    PIR Help please?

    Hello all On my assesment the assosor told me where i stood regarding PIR's, He said we prefer you to have your 2391 (which is booked and coming up soon), But he did say we cant stop you doing periodics, and by all means give it ago. So i have been sent a PIR Pad, I have been praticing writing...
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