1. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Electricians CRM Software

    Hello all, Just looking into some new software to help with CRM as my old system is no longer feesable, would be interested in what any of you are all using and if there are any good features with it or anything you find a bonus to our industry specifically? Many Thanks
  2. buzzlightyear

    pay your invoice or watch your windows

    I'm sick and tried of sending invoices to customer saying pay within the seven days and some customers try and pay late .I run a business not a charity, I now you have to give them 30days to pay in the invoice ,but stuff that ,we have all been their waiting for payment .I now send them pay now...
  3. W

    Invoice help!!

    Hey guys... I have just started my own company and I was wondering if anyone could help me on a invoice design. The type of invoice I was thinking of was a letter type... What's best?
  4. S

    Customer not paying advice please

    I have completed work for a letting agency for a few years now. One of my recent jobs I carried out an EICR on a rented property which then failed on a number of inspections also a number of code 3 inspects. I then emailed an estimate to the letting company to then forward on to the landlord...
  5. Hellmooth

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Decided to look into going with Stroma, had a look online and decided to fill out the application, I thought it would just be basic details to allow someone to call me and have a chat etc.........I filled it out and all I got was an invoice asking me to pay £288 before anything could proceed! Is...
  6. eNigMar

    Domestic Angry customer this morning. :-(

    It ruins my day when a customer turns like this. Is it my communication, or are they just after something for nothing. I had a call out to check out a shower circuit. A, "shower engineer", whatever that is, told her that the shower kept cutting out because the circuit kept cutting out, but as...
  7. J

    Working direct and I haven't been paid, need advice.

    Hi all, I recently worked direct for a small electrical contractor, I still haven't been paid after nearly 2 months and I don't know what to do. I am having trouble finding out what I can do legally on the net. Does anyone have any advice? Cheers Jay
  8. E

    Commercial Customer not paying, hanged up on me.

    Hi, everyone. If this is in wrong section, please move. I need advice on what I should do. Basically I installed a 4 core 25mm, 20 meters swa cable for a shop. The run was from a 3 phase supply to a single phase shop. The other 2 phases were being used for shops next door. As this...
  9. S

    Small domestic business drowning in admin

    Hi all I do mostly domestic work, tiny jobs to rewires. I'm inundated with work and desperately need to reduce the time I spend on admin so I can spend more time keeping up with demand. I was wondering how other people deal with quotes, invoices, certificates, notifications, etc. I currently...
  10. B

    Expiry of invoice

    Hi all, I have an invoice for a job that I carried out 3years ago, which I never sent and obviously never received any payment for. I just wondered if there was and expiry date of invoices and any legalities that I may encounter should I send this invoice now, after such a long time. I would...
  11. B

    Quote, invoicing software

    Do any of you self employed lads use quote / invoicing software If so can you recommend through experience
  12. T

    Organising, Invoice Numbers, Purchase Orders and Quote numbers help needed! Software?

    Hello folks, Once again i find myself turning to the forum for advice, this time its paperwork related. I am getting myself in a right mix up with my invoice numbers, purchase order numbers, quote numbers and job numbers..... please can a few of you shed some light on how to organise said...
  13. 9

    rcd protection

    Changing a storage heater. I < 13amps Consumer unit - rewireable fuses If ur changing the heater do u need to rcd protect the cable or am i right in saying i would get away with hanging fcu to an rcd fcu??
  14. W

    sign off for a customer whos company has gone bust

    Guys, we have been asked by a customer that has had an install done but the company have went bust. We have looked at the job at it meets all install criteria. we are aprehensive about the legals. what implications would there be if we signed off. regards wiggly
  15. N

    What Paperwork do you issue?

    Hi Just wondering what paperwork you all issue when replacing a consumer unit, I've been issuing an EIC and a schedule of test results I normally print them of IET website but I was just looking through their amended forms and was wondering if I should also be completing a schedule of...
  16. R

    When do you actually do the paperwork?

    Hi Just a question here regarding testing and certification. If you got called to a house to replace a socket that had its casing cracked or you put a lovely new B&Q chandelier up for someone would you then do a minor works Cert + Si + STR? Seems a little overkill to me If you don't what's...
  17. M

    How to minimise Costs within a Job.

    Ive been given a question on "state how the electrical contractor may minimise costs, with particular reference to CASH FLOW? I do not really understand how cash flow can minimise costs only that you ensure you price up a job correctly. Please can you enlighten me on this question Thanks
  18. G

    PIR write up help needed :/

    Hi, i did a pir on an old cottage on tuesday. the lady is going to rent it out, so it the installation needs to be bang on. i did all my inspection and wrote down what i could see was wrong and needed correcting. then i carried out the testing and recorded all of my results on eic just for the...
  19. E

    cash payment from builder with no deduction??

    A friend of a friend said that there builder is paying him cash for work. What my mate wants to know is what does he do in this situation? The money has to go into the bank and he wants to pay his taxes otherwise you cant buy a house etc? I told him 20% should be deducted at source but this...
  20. Goody

    Warranty for the job done.

    Can someone kindly point me in the direction or post a template of warranty letter that needs to be given to the customer after the electrical installation had been carried out? Many thanks!
  21. A

    Dodgy Customer

    I am writing to warn you about Easy Services 24hr. They run a service company supplying electricians, plumbers etc to commercial companies and they use local trades people to provide this service. I carried out a job with them on 9th April and I am still chasing them for payment. each time I...
  22. P

    passing jobs on ???

    hi there got a question if somebody dont mind answering say i was self employed and took a job on i didnt have time to do it. say its worth £2000 and i passed it on for say £1500 to another firm i would keep £500 and pay the £1500 to the other firm who done the job what would the tax be ...
  23. P

    Sole Trader-Taking On Extra Labour

    As the title reads, how do you employ someone to help at busy periods. Are there any forum members who can offer some guidance on how to hire temporary labour, I am a sole trader so seeking advice on insurances, payment and any other points that are required etc. Any advice would be grately...
  24. sythai

    Invoice from NICEIC.... bacs ok?

    Just wondering whether I can pay my NICEIC 'domestic installer' invoice by bacs, all they've got on here is 'cheques made payable to...' ? It's an invoice for 'building control submissions' Would ring them up.... but closed at weekend. So if anyone knows if poss and has bank details to pay...
  25. L


    what would you do in my situation guys? 2nd fixing for a builder hes so disorganised, problems everywhere, hes called me in far too early ive fitted most of the chrome accesories the board etc, only things left to fot are couple of chrome switches and sockets in this glazed archway, thats not...
  26. D

    Invoicing Software,

    not sure if any of you chaps use any type of software but i come across a very very very good piece other day.. Invoice Software | Invoicing Software | Billing Software worth a try, its 30 day full free trial and then 25 quid after!! bargain! it also does my bookkeeping for sales...
  27. R

    Job cards - where can i buy them?

    Does anyone know where I can buy those triplicate job cards? Just the small a5 ones that would have customers address, job number, description of works, materials used etc. Tried googling but its not been much use cheers:D
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