1. B

    Smaller MCCB feeding larger MCCB-RCCB

    Anything wrong with this? 125Amp 4 pole MCCB from panel fed to new panel with 150mm 4 core ALI then in that new panel 250Amp MCCB/RCCB then all sub circuits?
  2. T

    Pricing larger new build

    Morning all Need some advice on pricing a 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool. Im use to pricing your average 3 bedroom new build but this is another step for me. The house is 37m x 24m Ground floor: Play room, family room, dining room, gallery/entrance, kitchen, pantry, study, sitting...
  3. T

    Retiring next year and thought to start selling off some larger items

    Hilmor pipe bender £250 Boss tower working height 8m £800 Van Vito high top 2010 reg long MOT £4000 I have put these on gumtree right now. As I am retiring next year. May still do little jobs but cutting out the bigger stuff. Happy to stop running all the time to keep up. Think I might start...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Sources of larger than normal ceiling roses

    Got a job fitting some bits and bobs in a house, its a new build and the people who built it butchered the ceiling, even a light weight lamp shade pulls the ceilign roses out of the plaster board, they used rawl plugs and screws and no joist in sight! when they cut open the hole to get to the...
  5. M

    Can I replace inverter for larger unit without informing DNO or FiT

    Hi, Looking on Ebay I can pick up a used inverter for a lot less than what the supplier is asking for a new different unit. Do I need to inform the FiT people or the DNO. when the FiT paperwork was filled in it had the model and serial number of the inverter, which would be different if...
  6. C

    Doing larger testing jobs

    Hello guys Been using the free NICEIC online system for my certs however with larger testing jobs coming up i find the software to be a pain. Moving forward what are some of the best certification softwares... any recommendations as someone has suggested Tysoft Easycert?
  7. Karin

    larger than usual 2 gang KO box?

    hi all, not been on here much recently as i've been away from electrical work a bit due to injury (not from work :p ), but got a quick question for more experienced eyes than mine. got a message from a friend wanting to find a blank plate for a flush metal box with the dimensions 100mm x 160mm...
  8. F

    Larger commercial projects

    Hi, im at the stage where im moving on to bigger projects, and am looking at some advice when dealing with larger main contractors etc. I worked for a company doing mainly commercial installs then went self employed and since being self employed have mainly done Domestic and small commercial...
  9. Apeglar

    New member looking to upskill from self employed electrician to work in a larger firm.

    Hi All I am an self employed electrician for the past 12 years and I am now looking to upskill and get involved in facility management. I have just booked on a city and guilds 2396 course and I am hoping to progress to a degree once completed as this seems to be basic entry level for this type...
  10. driverman

    Rotary switches.

    Hi, As daft as it seems I have never installed a rotary isolation switch in my life. I've wired for an AHSP whereby 2 x 1 circuits are required, one of which was wired in 10.0mm. AHSP installers require 2 x isolator switches indoors by control equipment. They insist on isolator switches indoors...
  11. M

    Domestic Advice on Pulling 6 mm2 single core cable through 20 mm Conduit

    Hi, I would like to ask your advice about how difficult it might be to pull cables through 20 mm plastic conduit. (easy, moderate, hard, impossible) I am running two separate lines for a cooker and hob in 6 mm2 single core stranded cable. Both runs will follow the same route. 4 meter run from...
  12. R

    periodic testing and the new condition report

    good morning everyone , as some of you may know i`m a school sparkie , 24 years man n boy , full apprenticeship , jib reg , 2391 , 17th , nvq , right my question , i`ve updated my powersuite lite so i now have the new contion reports , that states its for domestic and similar premises with up to...
  13. D

    Underfloor heating mats

    Hi all, been asked to quote for putting in underfloor heating, but have never done it before. Whats the ' standard way' of wiring them in ? Have checked some online ones and they are around 300W , Ib of around 1.5 amp , so can fuse spur off ring ? or best dedicate circuit ? Wattage prob...
  14. E

    Domestic Can some one explain how it works

    Hi all, Ive been given an oppurtunity to meet a company that does all sorts of building works, from schools to local authority and businesses... Ive never had to deal with anyone like this in the past so i feel like a little fish swimming upto a big fish The thing i would like to know is...
  15. P

    timeguard light switch

    Anyone know of anything similar to this 24 Hour / 7 Day Security Light Switch that can switch low energy bulbs of 7 to 12 watts, all the ones i have come across seem to want to only switch larger loads of 20W or more even the ones with separate fluorescent adaptors still say they are for larger...
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