1. HappyHippyDad

    Will the mini (or larger) RCBO fir in the this starbreaker board?

    2 questions.. 1. Will the mini Starbreaker RCBO's fit in this board? Below is a picture of the board and also the type of RCBO I want to fit in? Thanks :) 2. The existing 100mA RCD is type AC. The RCBO's will be Type A. I have never quite got my head around how this 'incorrect' selectivity...
  2. V

    g98 or g99?, larger than 3.6kw but with export limitation

    hi if a pv system with battery storage say has an inverter of 7.5kw but has export limitation built into the inverter or installed as a seperate device and is set to limited to 3.6kw export, can this still come under g98 and be notifed to dno within 28 days of commisioning? or does it have to be...
  3. Dali748

    30A Subpanel - Larger Panel For Washer/Dryer Combo?

    Hi, I'm doing some research to see if I'll be able to add an electric 240V/30A washer/dryer combo to my condo. Please see attached photos, I have a 30A subpanel in my condo unit; would it be possible to add a larger panel with more spaces and run this washer/dryer combo or is the 30A subpanel...
  4. M

    Link 2 LED Xmas strings to one larger Transformer or LED Driver ??

    I have 4 sets mains / 36v LED strings and I would like to merge 2 sets to one power supply - plaese advise is this possible and what size transformer / LED driver would be needed? Each string has 1152 bulbs at 0.043 per bulb Label on wire of Lights states 36v~2.33A, 84VA then...
  5. A

    Is my Bosch mains cable up to the job or should I play safe and use larger?

    I know I shouldn't doubt a company like Bosch but some reassurance or suggestions from anyone here would help ease my mind. We've purchased a Bosch induction hob (Model Number PIE651BB1E/17) it comes with a 5 core flexible mains cable about 2 metres in length. I'm ok with the wiring aspect of...
  6. B

    Smaller MCCB feeding larger MCCB-RCCB

    Anything wrong with this? 125Amp 4 pole MCCB from panel fed to new panel with 150mm 4 core ALI then in that new panel 250Amp MCCB/RCCB then all sub circuits?
  7. T

    Pricing larger new build

    Morning all Need some advice on pricing a 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool. Im use to pricing your average 3 bedroom new build but this is another step for me. The house is 37m x 24m Ground floor: Play room, family room, dining room, gallery/entrance, kitchen, pantry, study, sitting...
  8. T

    Retiring next year and thought to start selling off some larger items

    Hilmor pipe bender £250 Boss tower working height 8m £800 Van Vito high top 2010 reg long MOT £4000 I have put these on gumtree right now. As I am retiring next year. May still do little jobs but cutting out the bigger stuff. Happy to stop running all the time to keep up. Think I might start...
  9. S

    Larger ground/walkover lights

    hey guys Went to look at a job yesterday where a customer wants to change their garden lighting which has become redundant due to water ingress. I measured the cut out for the existing fittings and it is 135mmx135mm (square fittings). The fitting dimensions are 150mmx150mm, I have spoken to my...
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Sources of larger than normal ceiling roses

    Got a job fitting some bits and bobs in a house, its a new build and the people who built it butchered the ceiling, even a light weight lamp shade pulls the ceilign roses out of the plaster board, they used rawl plugs and screws and no joist in sight! when they cut open the hole to get to the...
  11. M

    Can I replace inverter for larger unit without informing DNO or FiT

    Hi, Looking on Ebay I can pick up a used inverter for a lot less than what the supplier is asking for a new different unit. Do I need to inform the FiT people or the DNO. when the FiT paperwork was filled in it had the model and serial number of the inverter, which would be different if...
  12. C

    Doing larger testing jobs

    Hello guys Been using the free NICEIC online system for my certs however with larger testing jobs coming up i find the software to be a pain. Moving forward what are some of the best certification softwares... any recommendations as someone has suggested Tysoft Easycert?
  13. C

    Oven trouble need larger than 13a

    quite frustrating as a client purchased a 16a oven. 32a ring supplies 13a fused spurs for the old ovens. I can’t downgrade the MCB to a 20a because the microwave will trip with the oven on. How can I fuse the 20a ovens locally by replacing the 13a fused connection units. I am quite sure...
  14. Karin

    larger than usual 2 gang KO box?

    hi all, not been on here much recently as i've been away from electrical work a bit due to injury (not from work :p ), but got a quick question for more experienced eyes than mine. got a message from a friend wanting to find a blank plate for a flush metal box with the dimensions 100mm x 160mm...
  15. F

    Larger commercial projects

    Hi, im at the stage where im moving on to bigger projects, and am looking at some advice when dealing with larger main contractors etc. I worked for a company doing mainly commercial installs then went self employed and since being self employed have mainly done Domestic and small commercial...
  16. L

    Mains RCD tripping on larger MCB's

    Hello Looking for advise please. Our mains RCD switch 60A 30mA MK LN 5760 is tripping when either one of my larger mcbs is turned on. - 32A shower - 30A sockets - 30A cooker I turned every breaker off and individually turned them on. All three mentioned above individually trip the mains RCD.
  17. Apeglar

    New member looking to upskill from self employed electrician to work in a larger firm.

    Hi All I am an self employed electrician for the past 12 years and I am now looking to upskill and get involved in facility management. I have just booked on a city and guilds 2396 course and I am hoping to progress to a degree once completed as this seems to be basic entry level for this type...
  18. A

    Theoretically... cables must be fused down when a lower size cable is connected to a larger sized ca

    Now I completely understand why cables must be fused down when a lower size cable is connected to a larger sized cable. To ensure the cable does not burn out from current that it cannot take. Yes i know this Now current doesnt go anywhere it isnt in demand for so if a spur off of say a 6mm for...
  19. H

    Larger installations, what to inspect

    Before adding anything to a circuit it is necessary to ensure that main bonding and earthing are up to standards. This is fairly straight forward for a domestic property, but what does it mean for a larger property. The example I'm thinking of is the school I work in (part-time now, slowly...
  20. W

    Larger 6kWp+ domestic install before the FIT cut

    I'm not an electrician, just a householder (though do work in an area given a kick in the family jewels by government decision last year). I am technically minded so want to understand that proposed systems are worth the spend. I have a decent south facing roof space that can take around 25-27...


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