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  1. T

    Optimum setup of 2 strings on Solis RHI hybrid inverter

    Hi, We have a setup of 2 strings in series of Viridian panels, at present these go to the inverter which has dual mppt inputs so the strings are independent. The strings are slightly different, 7 x 250w clearline mono and 7 x 270w clearline poly. I have been looking at the settings in the Solis...
  2. Mark.W

    PV testing

    Hi peeps Just a quick one but how many of you do DC dead testing on PV systems?! Regards Mark
  3. edexlab

    eversolar 17000tl

    Can anyone help me with finding a pdf of the installation manual for an eversolar 17000tl I've been on lots of sites and can't seem to find a proper manual just data sheets, I've been asked to take a look at a 50 kw system which has issues, and had a look for a manual last night gave up in the...
  4. U


    Hi what sort of dc voltage could I expect on 16 panels x250watt'.
  5. G

    Hyundai PV Panel Array - RISO test help

    I have two 8 panel strings laid flat on a flat roof connected to a Power One inverter. One of the strings is showing a RISO of 0.5 mohm or less. The cables and connectors are all dry and intact, so I think is is a faulty panel. The voltage test doesn't identify the actual panel. If I take off...
  6. P

    0.5A difference between 2 identical inputs. Solarriver 4000TL-D

    I just had a 4kW system installed. It uses the Samil Solarriver 4000TL-D inverter which has 2 DC inputs. There are 2 strings of 8 panels, each going to one input of the inverter. All the panels have the same aspect and zero shading in the afternoon so I'd expect them to supply the same power at...
  7. S

    Eversolar 4000TL inverter issue

    Hi, Problem arisen with a solar pv system installed in December 2011. Eversolar 4000TL connected to 16 250W Suntech panels (1x string) Worked fine until 3 weeks ago where a problem has developed in bright sunshine, inverter makes a loud clonk and cuts out. Reads error code: UAC failure...
  8. M

    European installation standards for US based installer

    I'm looking for some input on minimum installation standards for an installation that is a hybrid of US and EU equipment for an installation I am working on. The project is located in a Caribbean island that uses 230/400V 60Hz. My solar training is all US focused although I am originally a UK...
  9. J

    solar max mt 10

    Hi all, I've got a problem with a 20kw system in Hertfordshire. System is split into 4 strings over 2 10kw inverters. 1 inverter is showing DC insulation fault, I have had a look at the manual which says - the insulation resistance of the Pv generator against earth is too low. It then goes to...
  10. R

    generation meter installation

    hi, at the risk of sounding incredibly green i have my first pv install tomorrow and noticed when loading the van that the generation meter has one input a line nuetral earth connection but only one input. i have two strings to connect. will i be okay connecting both unequal strings to one input...
  11. I

    Battery bank question

    Hi there, my local solar installer tells me that I should not have more than 3 strings connected in parallel for my 24v battery bank.... is this correct? what could be the problem if I have series of 2 batteries x 6 strings in parallel? thanks.
  12. J

    Help please - 2 parallel South South East facing roofs

    Semi ignorant member of the public here looking for advice from an expert not trying to sell to me. I am in NE Scotland. Looking to purchase 16 X 250 W panels but too tight for space on largest SSE facing roof. I have 2 parallel SSE facing roofs about 8 feet apart. The smalIer roof will have...
  13. G

    Strings uneven MPPT Voltage

    Hi all I have just had a 3920KW Sharp 16 X 245W panels fitted with a Solar River SR4K4TLA1 inverter. There are 2 strings. One is currently reading around 330V and the other is just below 200V. 6 of the panels are landscape and 10 are portrait. I have since found out that 6 are on one string...
  14. yellowvanman

    1 run of conduit or 2?

    have an east west install - 2 strings - do I run the dc cables down to the garage in 2 runs of conduit (20mm) or stick them all into 1 run(25mm)?
  15. E

    Mastervolt Inverters not starting up.

    Hi, Installed 2 Mastervolts over the past 2 days (the first time we've used them) and we are having an issue with both of them!!! They haven't clocked anything on the generation meter at all. I've checked the wiring on each of them it just seems highly unlikely that there are 2 faulty...
  16. J

    what to charge to commistion a pv system for roofer, thoughts on solar tiles

    Hi Guys, I am newly MCS accredited and have had a roofer approach me and ask me to install and commissiong a pv tile system(tiles are c21e solar tile, from solar centuray). It has 2 invertors, one invertor for18 of the tiles at 47 watt each and the other invertor for 12 tiles at 47 watt...
  17. W

    Sunny boy software

    Hi, Im trying to match an inverter to 9 Suntech 190 24AD+ Mono panels. It wont allow 9 in one string but will allow 2 strings of 4. I'm trying to get it to show 1 string of 4 and 1 string of 5, is this possibe or am I not using the software properly? TIA Woko
  18. M

    Balanced strings in parallel

    I am designing a 2.3kw on roof pv sytem at the moment but am having trouble sizing an inverter, for 15 modules in 3 parallel strings, so the easy option is to go for 14 mods in 2 strings. The question is could the strings be imbalanced? ie 1 string of 8 and 1 string of 7 in parallel, thus...
  19. N

    Three Phase install,3x sma inverters.With G59 relay

    Proposed Install Inverters are sunny boy SMC 9000 TLS-20 Each inverter has three strings of 14 230w = 126 modules The system is around 28KW G59 Protection is required. I was thinking of wiring each seperate array with the 3 strings in a junction box in paralell to each inverter so only one dc...
  20. W

    String fuses?

    Hi I'm getting confused about the use of string fuses. In the dti guide 4 or more strings in parallel require string fuses to be used in the design of a system. In certain sma inverters, for example the tri power tl8000 they already have string fuses built in. There are 4 d/c inputs on...
  21. SolarCity

    10000TL inverter - 3 phase output and number of strings

    Does anyone have any experience of the SMA 10000TL inverter? I was wondering whether the number of strings had an effect on the 3 phase output of the inverter. For example, does the array need to be arranged as 3 seperate strings?
  22. D

    String fuses

    Hi all, Just running through the "Photovoltaics in buildings guide - 2nd edition", as you do, and can't get my head around the string cable requirements. p 16, 2.1.5 says: "For a system of N parallel connected strings, with each formed of M series of connected modules, string cables are to...
  23. J

    String fuses

    The (desparately in need of an update to reflect current technological advancements imo) DTI guide to the installation of PV systems states the requirement for string fuses when there are 4 or more parallel connected strings. What if I take these 4 strings and connect them to an inverter with...
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