1. J

    Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard: Bryant Sconce - Installation Instructions The electrician...
  2. B

    Smaller MCCB feeding larger MCCB-RCCB

    Anything wrong with this? 125Amp 4 pole MCCB from panel fed to new panel with 150mm 4 core ALI then in that new panel 250Amp MCCB/RCCB then all sub circuits?
  3. D

    Why, on a given turbine, a smaller generator would generate less output?

    Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineer with litle knowledge about electrical so I need advice from people knowing about electrical system. Having a wind turbine that I am testing at the moment, I first placed a big generator (PMG 500kW 690V @ 300RPM - 18000Nm) behind it and it could...
  4. Dan

    Sidebar banners

    I'm changing the sidebar banners, working my way up from the bottom for some reason, I've only just realised that lol Think they look better and more professional like that than the old smaller ones with text under them?
  5. O

    Cable size check please

    Hi we are quoting for installing the main feed for a public swimming pool , its a 3 phase install with 3 no. 300 AMP main fuses . we will be installing a 315 3pn switched fused isolator then SWA on cable tray at a distance of 25 mtrs to the main board , i have allowed for 240 mm2 cable with 70...
  6. E

    3 Phase Metering (opinions please)

    Hi, recently called to a local industrial unit, Basically theres a car showroom and two smaller industrial units, At the moment theres one 3 Phase head (100A) running all three units, The car showroom currently pays the bill and the two smaller units pay a set amount towards it, (however im sure...
  7. SolarCity

    Prices of Sanyo HIT-H250 panels at Segen

    Since the Japanese tsunami and the results Sanyo panels shortages, we've been having a nightmare trying to source Sanyo panels, particularly the HIT-250w. The only company that we can find that has any is Segen and they've raised their prices quite significantly. We have been designing a lot...
  8. keniff

    3 phase

    Hi guys don't do alot of three phase so bare with me, am I right in thinking for example if your feeding three phase equipment say 60 amp, you size the cable on 20 amps per phase rather than 60 amp per phase, also where can I find info on neutral sizing in 3 phase systems, thanks
  9. R

    Bosch GBH 24VMD

    Toolstation are doing these for £315. and they have 24 left. It is about time I invested in some professional power tool(s) - my current tools are what might be classed as DIY type makes and models. I have heard that Bosch are very good, and think the above offer from Toolstation sounds good...
  10. S

    Testing Results

    I'm by no means an expert at testing hence the reason I'm asking this question :D so was just wondering in general is r1+r2 bigger or smaller than Zs. From the testing I've done I've noticed they seem to be pretty similar but sometimes r1+r2 is bigger than Zs and sometimes smaller! :confused:
  11. O

    Grid Switch

    Good Day, Grid Switches In Kitchens, Went To Look At A Small Kitchen Today Grid/had 3 * 20a D/pole Switches (frige/wash-m/gas Hob Polit Light) Then There Was Three Double Sockets And Ex-hood All Feed From Same Ring. So The Question Is Do Grid Switches Have To Have There Own Ring Feed, Or...
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