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  1. J

    SSE DNO 4kw Solar Panels with battery storage, zero export

    Hi, I'm looking to expand our current grid-tied solar from 2kw to 4kw, add some battery storage and do zero export. Has anyone done this? Did SSE accept it? Any advice on equipment? Thanks all
  2. Dave Edwards

    <Thread Deleted> How does exported PV power 'get past' the local supply Transformer?

    Thread Deleted (Sorry couldn't find another way of getting rid of it!)
  3. B

    TNCS export to out buildings

    I have a house to test soon that has several sub-mains to out buildings, some t&e and some 2 core swa, and one to a swimming pool. The supply is TNCS and I know it should not be exported anywhere but what code should each one get on the EICR?
  4. Leighton Gill

    Solar PV Performance Comparison Tool/Calculator

    Hi All, I've been curious for a while as to how my Solar PV is doing compared to a 'typical' install. Recently, I purchased a Smappee (which is darn useful), and I have also now joined pvoutput.org which is now building a clear picture around my generation and usage. However, I wanted a simpler...
  5. infinity

    Extending Data Cable for Cluster controller -

    HI all, We have a customer who has 2 x 50 kWp solar arrays (one with SMA inverters; the other Delta) with a 50 kW export limit. He currently has a Cluster Controller / Energy Meter set up and working fine to limit one of his 50 kWp arrays (SMA) to zero export. The customer would now like to...
  6. G

    Any Digital Meter experts out there?

    How do modern digital power meters respond to 'burst fire' or PWM controlled loads , ie Immersun etc, feeding export power to immersion heaters? Taking for example a 3kW load, and 2kW export surplus. With the 'burst fire' system, switching blocks of full wave power, the meter would register...
  7. C

    Battery Battery Storage & Metered Export

    Evening all Ted kindly posted this link on another thread; https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2016/02/fits_guidance_for_licensed_electricity_suppliers_fit_16_v8.pdf In it, there is reference to battery storage and export metering as follows; 4.31. If the configuration of the...
  8. methley

    Smart Meters and Solar PV

    I've just received a letter to say I need a new electricity meter. A smart meter is being offered. I have solar PV with an Immersun diverting excess energy to my water tank, and towel radiators when the water is hot. Hence, my export is comparatively low. My question is, can the deemed...
  9. D

    G59 Solar PV Export Restriction Device?

    Hi all, Bit of a silly question but one I've never really encountered before. A customer of ours want an 8kWp PV system, I sent the application off to the DNO but they have come back saying we can only install 4kWp. I believe I read somewhere before that a device can be installed that limits...
  10. I

    Solar PV Extension and Export meter

    Hi Solar Forum An extension to a solar pv system will require a newgeneration for the extension, I understand that. The existing solar pv system has an export meter. Will the extension to the solar pv system also requireits own new dedicated export meter? The reason I ask is because the...
  11. D

    Smart meter help for pv installation

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone give give me some advice please. We live in Scotland & have recently had a PV Solar installation, we have an old style, wheel type meter for our billing, & it was recommended that we keep it if possible. All paperwork has been accepted by FIRST UTILITY, then we...
  12. C

    Investment returns for solar PV.

    I am looking into the financials for domestic solar PV installs and wondered if anyone could help me with the following queries: 1. Whilst the FIT rates are supposedly 'locked-in' for 20 years, is it not possible that successive governments could reduce or abolish these payouts as it suits...
  13. E

    print solaredge graphs

    is there any way to print graphs from solaredge monitoring portal? The only way i found is printing the whole page from browser but this is not useful. i also want to keep some more statistics such us power production of inverter or a panel individualy. Portal's statistiscs is for the cow!
  14. S

    Confused on exprt metering illustration

    Dear all I wonder if you can help please:- I have a customer on a farm who has 3 x 5 total 15Kw of wind turbines installed foc by wind crop, I am assumining windcrop claim the deemed export rate of 50% of the wind FIT meter reading. The customer has now been in touch with me as he would like...
  15. P

    Today the day for a full 365 day reading on my solar equipment

    I wanted to see what my solar equipment system was doing in real time when my system was installed so I brought a solar-log 200 web/wireless monitor which connects to my Fronius 15 months ago I found a brilliant android app called solaranalyzer (spellings correct) yesterday from play store...
  16. S


    if you need an export meter, it all depends on your preference. You have to weigh up weather its of cost benefit for you to pay to have an export meter installed against the cost saving of your export tariff. Usually 30KW is when the customer would start to look at having an export meter...
  17. D

    export meters, just an MCS to fit them?

    Just wondering what people's experience is of fitting export meters. We've put a few in & had no problems but I know some electricity suppliers are insisting on only certain companies fitting their customer's export meter (not 'just' an MCS accredited installer..). Has anyone had any...
  18. R

    Out building earth

    Sorry to bring this up again, i just got very confused with the mass input i had on my last post. So You can export the tnc-s earth to an outbuilding. Any gas water or metal work needs to be earthed back to the outbuilding db. However its best to get permission from building control. I...
  19. S

    PME systems and sub mains?

    Was working on an installation a few weeks ago (PME domestic) which had a sub to a garage which in turn had another sub which supplied a c/u in a shed about 20 meters down the garden. Got talking to mate of mine on Saturday who said that both the subs should be protected by an an individual...
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