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  1. D

    Selling old MCB'S and RCBO's

    Hello everyone, I have a garage full of electrical gear as i'm sure many of you do, various bits left over from jobs. Part on my lifelong mission is to keep getting bits out and not just getting gear in, as it's all money! So i literally have thousands of old MCB's, RCD's, RCBO's fuses...
  2. Bubbler Bob

    Upgrading Older Style Wylex Type B MCB's to BS EN 60898

    hanks Hi new member here wishing some advise! I've a 6 Way Consumer Unit with Wylex Type B (WYB Series, BS3871) Push In/Pop Out style MCB's, which is working with no known faults. Utilising 2 x 5A MCB's re front & rear ceiling light circuits, and 2 x 30A MCB's re front & rear power socket...
  3. M

    What are Proteus MCB's made of, solid gold......

    Im not a big user of CEF, so I don't expect the best pricing, however this is surely taking the mick............ Its just a bog standard Proteus 6A MCB. Imagine the cost if I needed a full board of these......
  4. haptism

    LSN circuit breakers

    Today I come across some mcbs in a CU ive never seen, theyre made by LSN, single pole B6, but dont appear to have any BS, EN ect. They have a CE mark, AC 230/400 and have a breaking capacity of 10Ka. Anyone ever seen these, are they cosha ?? Being rated at 230v-400v I dont expect they that old...
  5. B

    20 Year Old Contactum CU MCB's

    Need to add an extra MCB in a 20 year old Contactum CU fitted in my Grandmothers house. The board is a Contactum P6R. It has flat faced MCB's, does anyone know if the newer curved face MCB's will fit? Or of an alternative MCB that will fit? I have a stock of Schneider, Dorman Smith & MK...
  6. D

    RCD Tripping MCB's on Circuit OK

    Hi All I wonder if somebody can help. In our domestic CU one of the RCD's keeps tripping out without any of the MCB's tripping. When I reset the RCD it resets fine without any problems. All is ok for an intermittent period (could be days or hours and it trips again). I think from the forum...
  7. leep82

    Help finding Mitsubishi MCB's

    Hi all just wondering if anyone can help me in locating any Mitsubishi MCB's. I imagine they are now obsolete, other than ebay can anyone recommend where i could pirchase any? I need a 16/20a single phase and a 32a three phase.
  8. S

    For sale: Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's ...

    Hi all, A am selling some Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's and some other stuff as seen on the picture. Most of the items brand new, some have served as display but never used. PM me if interested, so I can send a list with all items. The ideal situation will be if someone wants to buy...
  9. sparksburnout

    old wylex board

    Now, I know this is a c**p question, but iv'e got my tin hat on and am braced ready. I am trying to help the son of a mate of mine who has bought a house miles away, but wants some advice. The only information on the CU i can get is that it is a 10 way wylex, with 5 ways on it's left hand side...
  10. F

    480VAC MCB & RCD required

    I'm doing some electrical work for a firm that is building some equipment to be installed for a client in Canada. The minimum rating of the 3 phase MCB's and RCD's need to be minimum 480 VAC Any names of manufacturers that provide MCB's or RCD's to operate to 480 VAC would be much appreciated...
  11. S

    MEM MCB breakers required.

    Hi New to the forum, first post. Is there anyone out there who could help me. I'm looking for two MEM M6 Type 1, MCB circuit breakers. 1 x 32A and 1 x 45A. Also is there such a thing as a MEM Type 1, 5A RCBO. Thank's in advance Stupod
  12. zap

    Domestic Which RCBO?

    Greetings, I've purchased an ECD RCBO which I've used before to some success. However, although it physically fits in place of the circuit breaker the bottom of it doesn't reach the line bus bar. Can anyone point me at the correct replacement RCBO for this type of breaker. Images of the...
  13. P

    Domestic New insall in workshop and CU change in house advice

    Morning everyone, I am looking for some advice and knowledge to help jog my memory as it’s been a few months since I finished my course and due to health reasons, I had to give up my job on site as a mate and start working for myself after 4 months off work. This will be the first job I have...
  14. N

    EICR and electrium MCB's

    how many of you check those electrium mcb's to see if they were on the recall list , did an EICR today and found these they were in a school where the original electrical company had gone bust they stated the were a small qualntity that were burning ye right ,few more than that i found four in a...
  15. S

    RCD not Resetting

    Hi there Local church TT system, CU with RCD as protection as main switch. Had a problem with the dishwasher tripping the RCD when running a intensive program, but that is a other issue. the main issue is when the RCD has tripped, you cannot reset it. There usually is no power on the...
  16. K

    RCD tripping at half the rating ?

    Hello, i was doing an RCD test yesterday on half its rating, and the rcd kept tripping everytime, does this mean the RCD is faulty?
  17. F

    MCCB Boards

    Hi people, Could one of you lovely people tell me the maximum cable size that you can fit in a three phase new style wylex circuit breaker. I have a board to change that contains a couple of 16mm 25mm cables but also one 50mm and the main incomer is 50mm also! What are people using with...
  18. D

    SQUARE D MCB'S and RCBO's etc

    RCBO C16A new in box RCBO C6A new in box X3 Switch disconnector 125A new in box Switch disconnector 125A new X2 RCCB 63A 3 phase 1 in box the other new but no box X10 MCB's C32A new but no boxes X2 MCB's C20A new but no boxes X3 MCB's C16A new but no boxes 3 phase MCB C16A 3...
  19. W

    Whats going on? MEMshield 2 breaker range

    Can anyone shed some light on this... All my boards here, all 12, are MEMshiled 2 boards, which fit MEM shield 2 MCB's or any of the EATON range with the same DIN rail fitting. So i ring up WF electrical my usual supplier and they have told me they no longer stock such MCB's and they are going...
  20. E

    RCD tripping at half current

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone could throw a few suggestions my way. Was testing a few circuits last week in preparation for additions (extension of house). All going fine until i tested the RCD that the customer currently has installed, it tripped on half current test? I am planning to go back...
  21. FatBob

    Using MCB's in parallel to give local isolation

    This installation has a very old DNO metal fuse box with a hinged lid, which may or may not open in one piece. The DNO's meter feeds 2 x 63A MCB's in a 2 slot CU. Can I feed a Henley block with both line connections from the 2x63A MCB's, thus using it as a local isolation switch? The...
  22. J

    Domestic Wylex dis boards

    I have come across this situation a few times and need some advice . The old wylex boards with re-wirable fuses can be changed to Mcb's really easily , would it be better to change the entire board .is changing the fuses to breakers considered to be renewing the board ?any one got advice?
  23. W

    MCB used as light switch

    Hello Guys/Gals I was called out to a shop yesterday to look at a faulty heater. Whilst I was there, I noticed that to turn the 3 rows of 8 foot fluorescent lights off, the shop staff use the 16a mcb's in the fuse box, 1 mcb per row. My understanding from the regs book is that a mcb should...
  24. L

    Short Circuit Capacity

    Hi Guys Any advice would be much appreciated! I have tested a property that has a PFC greater than the short circuit capacity of the mcb's protecting the final circuits, the PFC is 7.9KA and the 60898 mcb's 6KA. The property is protected at origin with a 1361 type b fuse 16.5KA. Under the...
  25. C

    mcb as a light switch.

    hiya can anyone help me. i attended a store to replace some faulty lamps only to find that all the light fittings in the store are switched by the mcb's. bs60898 i've only just recenlty passed my electrical qaulifacations and still coming to grips with the regs. i've searched the reg's on...
  26. M

    Size of Flex for 32A CEE / Comando Plug to 2 x 16A CEE / Comando Trailing Sockets

    Hi Guys, Firslty i'm new to the forums so hello and hope you're all doing well. A quick question on the size of the HO7 flex I need to use for a splitter that will have a 32A Comando Plug on one end and two 16A Sockets on the other. Would I be right in saying that each split will need 2.5mm...
  27. O

    Siingle phase MCBs for a three phase socket

    Can anyone find a problem in using single phase MCBs for a three phase socket. I would consider it bad practice and prefer a 3 phase MCB. Doing a PIR and cant find anything in the regs to fail it.
  28. S

    Stuff for sale

    I'm having a clearout at the moment & have a few items for sale. I live in the Cheshire / North wales area. I can post at an extra cost or if your local you can collect. (BRAND NEW IN BOX) WYLEX 10 WAY FULLY INSULATED HIGH INTEGRITY CONSUMER UNIT WITH 2 X 16AMP / 2 X 32AMP / 1 X 6AMP (60898)...
  29. K

    Domestic 80amp. 63amp RCD Split

    Can anybody supply me with the correct advice? I have a 17th edition split consumer unit with 1 x 100mA main switch, 1 x 80amp 30mA RCD and 1 x 63amp 30mA RCD. I realise that any down stream fuse cannot be larger than the RCD it follows, but is this the accumilation of MCB's after the RCD or...
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