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  1. happyhippydad

    How to get a weatherproof seal on conduit?

    Quite often I see conduit going into an adaptable box or conduit box 'outside'. This is fine if it is coming in from the bottom, you can just use a normal adaptor to go into the box, but often it comes in from the side and the adaptors are not IP rated. I just wondered if anyone here uses...
  2. D

    Domestic plasterboard adhesive

    Hi guys first ever post be gentle!! needed to move a single plug socket an inch no more to the right but the horrid builders used plasterboard adhesive and have glued everything! Any suggestions?
  3. S

    socket box hell!

    the company i work for are currently doing a re-wire of a fairly old flat. the job of putting all the galvanized 35mm boxes in was given to me :-/... when you chip out the brick for the boxes the hole is left really uneven as all the brick crumbles so none of the boxes will be perfectly straight...
  4. G

    mini trunking

    Ok, here goes for my first really basic question. I've planning a couple of jobs for my Part P assessemnt with Elecsa. And one of the jobs will involve running some T&E through plastic mini-trunking. I haven't installed mini-trunking before and I have been looking into the options and as far as...
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