earth resistance

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    Which is the best earthing scheme suitable for worst/large value of soil resistivity in order to get earth resistance value below 5 ohm?

    i don't the exact value of the soil resistivity as no survey of soil sample is carried out at the site .However Copper earthing electrode 50mm diameter of 2.5 m is driven where its circumference were filled with chemical compound power to the height of rod and earth resistance was found to be...
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    LED light, switching /earth issue

    Hi, I have an LED landing light, which has 9 G9 LED bulbs. The unit has two switches, one upstairs and one downstairs. Ive found that when the upstairs switch is in the closed circuit position, but the light is off due to the downstairs switch being in the open position, there is still a very...
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    200 Ohm ?

    Hi Everyone , I'm always confused that One ohm or less is a must for circuits supplied by a company earth . But when its an Earth Rod then up to 200 Ohm is acceptable ... Surely the rod is much inferior so should be less acceptable resistance .. I know we now have RCD's but Rods were in place...
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