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  1. rolyberkin

    Just won this, Thanks Wiha & Voltimum :-)

    Just been delivered this beauty thanks to Wiha & Voltimum, was an online competition just before Xmas, thats the rest of the day gone then!;-)
  2. Dan

    Win a Makita Combi Drill

    Take the survey and you could win a drill!
  3. R

    Voltimum Q&A section

    I can't fathom out why this answer has been given on Volitmum Q&As Q & A of the Day – What fused connection units to use for these fan-heaters? - Voltimum UK - Electrical Installation Products and Contracting I would have thought that as long as he uses 4mm cable, and the cable fits into the...
  4. O

    NICEIC do they know something we dont

    Q & A of the Day – What departure Code to use for this lighting test result? - Voltimum UK - Electrical Installation Products and Contracting If you click on the link to the Votimum site the Q&A of the day I guy asks a question about testing a house light circuit for a PIR and NICEIC advise...
  5. M

    Another Voltimum Expert Gets it Wrong!

    I've become anesthetised to questioners on Voltimum seeking a black or white answer being given a grey vague answer because the Expert is sat more firmly on the fence than a Liberal Demorcrat MP. However, sometimes they just get it wrong, today's Q&A of the day on Voltimum 'answered' (NOT) by...
  6. M

    Voltimum members help PLEASE VOTE FOR ME

    I am appealing for help, i have entered a competition to find the best application for electrical contractors, i am in second place with 2 days to go so if you have 5 minutes i would be very grateful if you could go to www.voltimum.co.uk/appreview and vote for the ElcalcZs application you could...
  7. R

    Prospective Fault Current

    I was under the impression that PFC is the greater of either the PEFC or the PSSC. Now look at this article (endorsed by the NIC) on Voltimum.... Voltimum Q&A I am assuming that the guy's tester is indicating over-range on the PSSC measurement. Apart from the fact that the way it is written...
  8. albi

    315amp fuse max Zs

    does any one know the max Zs permitted for a 315Amp BS88 fuse got brain freeze know on page 45 of periodic report :mad:
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