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    please help me indentify terminal of denso a/c amplifier

    please help me. i have a denso amplifie 077100-4030 but i can't indentify its terminal(i want to make a/c similator for our students) please help me /thanks
  2. K

    Masthead amplifier stopped working

    I have a masthead amplifier that uses an Antiference PS12F power supply. Recently I had an electrician round to do some work, and he had to throw some of the switches on the fuse box to find the mains plug that he was working on. Since then, I have had no TV signal and the Antiference power...
  3. L

    Guitar amplifier made portable?

    Hi there! Me and a friend would like to go busking in London. We do have two guitar amps which will be enough for the amount of instruments/mics we will be using. However, the amps still need to be plugged into a socket. Is there any way we could buy a cheap power bank or another kind of...
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