1. N

    Domestic Preferred Mains Smoke Detector brand?

    Hi all, What's everyone's preference on mains interlinkable smoke/heat detectors taking into account price, reliability and look? Ive used Aico several times and never had a problem but they are expensive and quite bulky! Cheers
  2. N

    Aico Radio Controlled Detectors

    Hi all, Looking at fitting several Aico detectors with Radio Controlled bases. Anyone know the best place to get them from as the bases are dam expensive? Thanks
  3. N

    Wiring Domestic heat and smoke detectors

    Hi I have recently been to look at my friends newly built extension. The guy asked me about the fire alarms and how I would go about doing them as he wasn't sure . I advised that the way to meet regulation would be to take the existing Battery powered alarms down, and hard wire from an RCBO in...
  4. amlu

    interconnecting wired and wireless smoke alarms

    Hi, do you have some experience with fire/smoke alarms that would have an option for part of install to be linked up with cable, and part by radio bases? like that- alarm----cable----alarm----cable-----wireless alarm (radio link) wireless alarm (radio link) wireless alarm...
  5. jaydee81

    radio link smoke alarm bases

    been to a barn conversion today converted about 2 years ago and wired by a couple of clowns.was there installing outside lights but thats another story but looking round the property i noticed that all smoke alarms 8 in total were all fitted on a radio link base now my understanding is that you...
  6. M

    Domestic Domestic cable routes - cable ties/bases

    Hi, Is it a common practice nowadays to use cable tie bases and ties to fix cables above ceilings and along joist runs? I have used them commercially a fair bit but only once in domestic. I've got a rewire/newbuild to do and it will take forever if I use clips for all power,lights, tv &...
  7. C

    Radio Link Smoke Alarms

    Hi Guys has anyone any experience of fitting radio link smoke alarms - Any thoughts?
  8. A

    Smoke alarm

    Have 3 smoke alarms in a house which are supposed to be interlinked but are not. The red light flashes every minute or so. Would this be because they are not interlinked. Green light is constant and are all new alarms?
  9. M

    Smoke detection in domestic premises, Is there a wireless device???????

    Hi, I am currently pricing a job and the drawings specify 5 smoke detectors throughout the premises. I have priced to interlink the detectors together on its own circuit using a three core and earth between each unit. The customer is asking whether there is such a thing as wirless smoke...
  10. S

    Cable fixings on exterior brickwork

    Hi all, I have to run a cable down part of a brick wall and have had limited success with cable clips in masonry. Aside from swapping the nail for a narrow screw and driving into plugs, anyone recommend any cable fixings designed for outdoor use? ie- uv resistant. Planning to use 1.5mm Hi-tuf...
  11. J

    Smoke alarms

    hi all, i understand smoke alarms can be powered of lighting circuit but are there any other regs, the reason i asked is i thought you would need 3 rcd's not 2 but today Ive been told that isn't an problem can someone please fill me in as I'm just rewiring a house and intended to put an rcbo...
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