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  1. Sweden

    Congratulations You all!

    Hi guys, I am finishing level 2 Electrical Systems. (I hope I will really finish...!) I am from Brazil and it was a bit tough due to the teacher's British accent (Which is beautiful but I could get only about 20-30%..! Fortunately there are books and FORUMS! ) So I came here just to say THANK...
  2. M

    Passed my 2394/2395! what o.o

    im 20 and have just passed my 2394/2395! what should i do now?? tips what schemes and a
  3. S

    Landed new job, happy happy happy

    hi all just thought I'd share my good new of a job offer this afternoon, its through an agency but said it will lead to a permanent position for the right person its a commercial job (school) rip out old electrics and all new installation, I really cant wait. Especially after 3 months of no...
  4. B

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa assesment passed

    Hi all, Passed assesment today with Elecsa got A no observations,no non-conformaties he even wants me to email him pics of job so he can use them as a example of how a consumer unit change should be done !!!!:redface:.Had guy called Peter Meakin really nice chap put me at ease. Ask quite a few...
  5. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Approved Contractor.

    Well after a long road and a lot of hard work i had the good news that it has all been accepted and im now in......... Woo Hoo!!!! Ohh yes!
  6. W

    Domestic I got the job!

    Some of you may have seen me scrabbling for advice last week in regards to a re-wire i was asked to quote for. Well i got the job! Very pleased. Am now however bricking it. Start work this friday. If you dont hear from me by the end of next week...fear the worst. :svengo: 25 sockets, 23...
  7. A

    Got the job

    Thanks for the advice people got the job start monday!, ( and no didnt wear the shell suit) haha;)
  8. I

    Passed AM2

    Lads Just say say I passed my AM2 Regards Chris
  9. Paul.M

    No more job hunting

    Telephone interview last week, interview this morning and I was offered the job within the first 2 minutes! BRILLIANT! Working for a family run electricians/maintenance company of a good size and what seems like a good company to be in with. Happy days and I may have a cheeky drink tonight to...
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