1. whinmoor

    Public Consultation on new PV guidelines

    So, there's now another 138 page draft document out for public consultation with responses due in by 7th November. You can read the article on SPP website, click through to the IET website, add your details and access the pdf. I haven't read the whole document yet but it seems very...
  2. SibertSolar

    MCS Consultation re: competence

    Spotted this today, deadline for feedback 9th July. Thought some on here might find it interesting.... MCS - Online Consultation
  3. whinmoor

    MCS Online Consultation

    Anyone for a bit more paperwork? MCS - Online Consultation
  4. D

    Anyone got bookings for post-12th Dec?

    ..Just wondering, does anyone have any installations booked for after the 12th Dec? We've got 1 customer whose new roof won't be ready in time but has vowed to press ahead anyway..
  5. T

    MCS FIt consultation web page

    Hello, Paul from completepicture here. This is the link to the website for responding to the changes in the feed in tariff announced last week. We are only going to get progress on this if as many people as possible respond using the consultation process...
  6. S

    Changes to Part P schemes?

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere - if so please point me in the right direction. Having become part of a Part P competent persons scheme early this year I was alarmed to hear on the grapevine that the whole system may be scrapped. Is there any truth to this rumour? - is there a...
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