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electrician apprentice

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    Apprentices Seeking training or apprenticeship

    Hi my name is Jack, i have recently decided to pursue a career as an electrician. I have chosen this due to several redundancies in a short amount of time. I am currently in my 1st year at Leeds Building College studying electrical installation. I am trying to find an individual in the York...
  2. E

    Apprentices Looking for apprenticeship

    Anyone know of anyone around the notts area looking for a mature (42) apprenticeship, currently doing lvl 2 2365
  3. N

    Apprentices Seeking apprenticeship or beginners mate work please ,Greater London /Kent.Almost 17yrs old ,doing level 1 NVQ currently ,looking to learn and work ha

    Hi, keen to get myself sorted by September with an apprenticeship or beginners mate. Doing level 1 at college, ready to learn and work hard... Greater London /Kent.. Live in Sidcup.... Thanks Noah
  4. L

    Apprentices Mature Student (32) looking for hands-on experience - Warrington and surrounding areass

    I'm currently in the early stages of my career development (read as currently 3 months in 2365 Level 2) and I'm looking to get some hands on experience, an apprenticeship at my age would be great but I'll take what I can get. Full disclosure; I am disabled but I don't let that stop me from...
  5. C

    Other Looking for work experience

    I'd appreciate some advice on retraining in electrical installation and maintenance with no experience. Just about to pay to do c+g level 2 at a training centre In Nottingham every Saturday. Then onto level 3. 18th edition etc. Is there any electricians in the Derby area that would help me gain...
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