1. M

    UK (IMAGES) Connect 20amp Isolator Switch (For Split AirCon) – Need Help.

    Images Now Included. Hi there, a new DIY member here based in Hong Kong, where getting reliable electricians can sometimes be a challenge! I've been finishing off a rennovation project and one of the last jobs is to attach a 20amp isolator switch for an indoor split AC unit (Panasonic). The...
  2. static zap

    Are Downloaded Images , Videos OK at moment ? (or just me ! ....)

    ..And my deviant setup. Links to ext videos working but , on site Videos and User downloaded images appear poorly .. ( Just letting you know ) .. No reply urgency , if have bits to sort out !
  3. P

    Help, I’m sure someone can answer this very quickly

    Sorry, I’m new to this. Can someone just explain how I should wire these cables in the ceiling light unit as per images, there seems to be a lot of cables,
  4. Pete999

    Would Spitting images have a field day now in 2019?

    Having trouble posting some old vids but sure you get my drift.
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Problems uploading images??????

    Over the last week i have tried uploading images on various threads but keep getting an error message appear.. Is this just me or other people getting it aswell? i just tried again and same result... it happens on both a android phone and a win10 laptop..... any forum staff got any ideas why?
  6. C

    Retrieve images previos posts

    Hi anyway i can retrieve attached images from one of my previous posts? Dont seam to be loading and says error? Cheera
  7. W

    ...and one more ... Hi All.

    Hi All from Australia. ...lurking since 06.06.2012 Geoff
  8. R

    Bronson ++ 4000W transfomer

    **COMPLETE NOOBIE** I've ordered a Bronson ++ 4000W transformer from Amazon to be able to use my DeWalt router (purchased in the United States) here in Czech Republic. The Transformer came with zero power cables and plugs for the router....... I'm desperately looking for help on how to get...
  9. Dan

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  10. R

    Replacement CU but require required

    On the surface of the attached photos based on wiring type would you expect a rewire to be necessary ? Upload the image directly to the thread: The most awesome images on the Internet - https://Upload the image directly to the
  11. eckardt

    Show Your Test & Measurement Instruments

    Metrel MI 2077 TeraOhm 5 kV Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6410 Metrel MW9600 Metrel Eurotest 61557 - MI 2086 Metrel Test Leads
  12. Dan

    NEWS JUST IN! - VansDirect Now Sponsor!

    NEWS! - VansDirect now sponsor - With Bargain new vans, and expert advice, we're sure you'll find them beneficial forum sponsors! Vans Direct Click Here You can message our contact @Neil Cole with any enquiries, or just contact them directly via their website.
  13. M

    Can someone recommend a good book for domestic electrics

    Hi can someone recommend a good book for learning domestic electrics. For example, what study guide did you use a college or on your course. Thanks
  14. GMES

    One For The Bookshelf

    Well That's me happy, just made a purchase that hopefully will be worth it and I can think of at least one Person @TonyMK11 That may want to see it. Unless he already has it. It won't appeal to everyone but it does to me and can't wait for it to arrive...
  15. Leesparkykent

    Pride in your work.

    Went to look at a job this morning that's near completion but the customer has fallen out with the sparky firm over the state of the work...I'm not taking the job on as really busy atm, don't really want to be stuck in the middle of a dispute between the customer and the other firm, in general...
  16. G

    NVC LED strip light burning

    Has any one had a problem with NVC LED strip lights, I've had a few go of but never been burning that could of caught fire. It's a bit worrying as I've fitted a few of these over the last year.
  17. J

    Domestic Eicr

    Sub mains to 2 x outbuildings. Is the only way for this to pass an eicr is for the cables to be dug up and redone, I am going to make safe and add rcds by main fuse?? No armour or protection??
  18. P

    Domestic Problem with Security light turning on other light

    I have wired an outdoor security light with a motion sensor and have taken the feed from the hallway light using the neutral and the constant live (loop) feed. The hallway light works fine as does the security light. My problem is that when the security light is activated and turns on the...
  19. K

    Charging Dell laptop from 12V cigarette socket

    I wanna charge a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop from the cigarette socket (12V), and have now tried two Vanson laptop adapters (SDR-100W and SDR-120W). Both deliver a weak beeping and does not charge the laptop battery. According to the regular power adapter the Laptop need 19.5V and 4.62A. On the...
  20. T

    running more than one thermostat off one zone valve

    hello all im carrying out some work in a social housing building and they have problems with massive gas/electrical bills (£4000) a month, its a 3 storey building with 10 self contained bedrooms with en suit all with at lease one radiator in, they have recently had there boiler change by...
  21. H

    Thermal Imaging Camera for Sale

    Hardly used Flir Infracam for sale? About 4years old but only really been used on 1 contract once a year for about two weeks hence the reason for selling. Please find below the Manufactuers spec: Hardly been used Flir Infracam. A great bit of kit really impressive and opens the door up to more...
  22. D

    Insect barbecue and heat alarm

    I can only think that it must be infra red light causing the problem ( I assume it is IR not UV) A converted barn,completed and powered up for at least 3 months The old dear has decided to rent the place out,prospective tenants are viewing tomorrow Flies have decided to hatch and have a fly...
  23. M

    Getty images my website - help!!!!!!!!

    Great - just got a letter from a company called Getty images saying I owe them £879 for one poxy small image that they claim to own that is on my website. They say going to take it to court. WTF? Is this a scam? Anyone else experienced this? :90:
  24. S

    MCS horizon chart

    Can anyone tell me where i can get a transparent MCS horizon chart that will fit in a sunpath indicator? The one that my indicator came with has a different number of squares and i'm trying to over lay it on the MCS one and its a 'king nightmare!!! Thankyou
  25. gnuuser

    workplace safety

    while servicing an industrial automation communications system today I was checking the station plc panels and found spray bottles of lite weight lube oil hidden in the panel cabinet (this stuff was moderately flammable) this prompted me to check the motor controller cabinet. and i found a...
  26. H

    Cables in parallel

    A number of cables are tested for installation resistance. The highest individual value is 200M ohm and the lowest is 20Mohm. The measured value, when all cables are connected in parallel, will be? A. great than 200M B. 200M C. Less than 20M D. The sum of the individual values.
  27. O

    Help with 11 Pin Relay

    I have an 11 pin relay and base (Relpol R15-2013-23-5230) on which I need to switch 2 separate areas individually so that if either area is energised it prevents the other area being energised. The numbering on the base is as follows L to R. Top Row 9/34 - 8/32 - 7/24 - 5/22 - 3/14 - 4/12...
  28. J

    Ck trunking cutters

    Does anyone have these are they worth the money?
  29. J

    Dead Circuit

    Hi chaps/chapesses I have been looking at an upstairs lighting circuit today: a bulb blew this morning (the MCB didn't trip) and subsequently the whole circuit stopped working. The MCB was stil closed when i arrived and no voltage or current was present at the accessory or either of the two way...
  30. M


    Never done a heating before can anyone point me in right direction. Read stickies but keep confusing myself. In kitchen under boiler sfs over to programmer from here I have two 3 cores up to wiring centre and a five core flex to boiler , two more 3 cores off to two separate thermostats. On pipe...
  31. J

    wanted 3kw inverter any brand

    hi all im looking for a 3kw any brand new or used got £450 cash can collect im in midlands area text or call me on 07729769766
  32. B

    Dual earth terminals for computer circuits

    Noticed this on the architects notes can someone elaborate for me? thanks the contractor should note the need for dual earth terminal blocks to be provided within DBs supplying computer power
  33. Paul.M

    Rules for Customers

    Seen as we have so many rules and regulations that we have to stick to, thought it was about time we made up some rules for the customers. Minimum of 3 coffees a day please with biscuits. Please tell us that you or a friend has had a go at fixing/replacing something, makes our job...
  34. D

    Images for flyers and website

    Hi im after high quality images for some flyers and my website, does anyone know where i can get some? Thanks
  35. cbw

    "Please could you quote to put right my 2 way switching"

    "I also occasionally get a shock from the switch. The landlords 'handy man' came and put a junction box on the upstairs light as the switch was broken and also replaced the downstairs switch with one he had in his van" SPOT THE LETHAL ERROR!!!!!!!!!. . . .
  36. B

    how can intruder alarm activate lighs?

    A customer asked me to put in something which can make the lights on if the intruder alarm activates, how to do that? he said someone else told him it is a contact, where can i buy it? thanks everyone,
  37. K

    baseboard heaters

    I have 2 baseboard heaters connected to one thermostat and they make a rattling sound. any idea what would cause this?
  38. S

    Manchester United

    Manchester United are the greatest football club in the world.:D
  39. sparkdog

    Lighting final circuits

    I am planning on using a cu change I have done in a 16th century farmhouse for my on site assesment probably with ELECSA.I have also done a complete rewire and originally there were two 1930s fuse boxes with about twelve seperate lighting fuses so I now have several 1.5 t&e going to each of five...
  40. J

    Trade Qualified Ltd

    Hi, im interested in doing a course , iv been hearing bad things about other companies offering "fast track" courses. Has anyone done a course with Trade Qualified Ltd? i spoke to one advisor from the company and he never once tried to hard sell me the course, he said i should take my time in...
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