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  1. R

    Electricians Mate Electricians Mate/Trainee required in Binfield, Bracknell

    Electricians mate/Trainee required in Binfield, Bracknell Not an agency Hours 8-5 Monday-Friday £90-130 a day subject to experience Bonus scheme for hitting scheduled targets implemented 10-12 Months work for the right candidate Open to offers of candidates after work experience (will...
  2. stretchyboy

    Electricians Mate Looking for Electrician / Mate CSCS in Guildford

    Nice commercial job in shopping centre fitting out a new firniture store. Must have CSCS card, approx 10 weeks work assisting one or more of our engineers with metal tray, trunking, panelboard, track lighting, small power, armoured etc. Will be due to start soon
  3. H

    Electricians Mate Looking for mate/improver work - Bath/Bristol

    Hi all, I'm looking for work as a mate/improver in Bath and surrounding areas or Bristol. I've had a few weeks on site with an electrician but he doesn't have the work to keep me on. I'm hoping to have finished my level 2 before Christmas then it's just a matter of pressing on to get my level...
  4. westward10

    Socket failed safety test mate.

    For the last six years we have tested a five pitch caravan park on a farm. First year I rewired between all the meters and switchgear because the Caravan Club rightly condemned it, see pics of my efforts. Only two of the original rcds have been replaced since. This week one of the pitched...
  5. S

    Electricians Mate Bristol . Part time / casual work as electricians mate sought.

    Greetings everyone. Im posting here in the hope that someone out there could do with help a few days a week. Im starting a course with Morris services in kingswood in a couple of weeks. 15 weeks , 2 days a week ( course details below ). Following the course ill have to complete a portfollio...
  6. J

    Am I a mate or an improved? Opinions..

    Hello. I'm a long time reader Looking for opinions on my status at the moment and my future options. I am 25 years old And have completed two years in college city and guilds I started work on site as a mate. Self employed. I'm on £10ph.. but paying 30% tax as still bloody waiting on UTR...
  7. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for Employment as Improver or Mate

    Afternoon All, A trainee member in need of help! I am looking for work as an improver or a mate, ready to start on 13th of September 2017. I can drive and own a car. Looking for work in areas of Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, London. I have C&G Lv2 and 17th Edition, and currently studying...
  8. EMMEC

    Electricians Mate looking for electrician mate /improover

    Hi Guys I'm looking for an electrician improvers and mates . works across London. very good t&c :)) if You have a car/motorbike that will be great.
  9. T

    Electricians Mate I am looking for Electrician Mate/improver job

    Hi i Just finished C&G 2365 Level 3, i am looking for work as an electrician mate or improver. i have experience in domestic . i hold 17th edition, ecs and sentinel card I live in London Thanks
  10. D

    Electricians Mate Anyone need an electricians mate? Stoke area

    Looking for work as an electricians mate in either stoke on trent or south cheshire areas. Plenty of experience! Own tools ect.... Drop me a message on here and I'll pass over my mobile number.
  11. P

    Looking for a job as an Electrician's Mate in Sussex, Surrey area

    Hi, I have recently obtained C&G Level 2 2365 and 17th edition wiring regs. I am starting the Level 3 2365 on Monday and will hopefully finish in the 1st week in September. I am looking for a job as an electrician's mate, with a start date around the second week of September 2017. I...
  12. DeanoRN

    Electricians Mate mate looking for work (birmingham/solihull)

    Hi all My name is Dean 33 years old, i have just finished my 2365 lvl 2 and am doing my lvl 3 in sept, and am looking to get out with a electrician to start building my experience, getting exp is more important to me than getting payed at the moment, i don't mind what the work involves and no...
  13. L

    I'm willing to work for free to gain practical experience ( electrician mate)

    I'm an African I moved to UK a few years ago and currently I live in London. I'm planning in the future to return to Africa as electrical engineer. I have been doing home studies, city and guild electrical and I have finished the 2365 level 2 and now I'm studying level 3. I'm planning to use...
  14. P

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate looking for work in South Wales area

    Hello everyone, I have C&G 2330 in electrical installations level 2 & 3 which I did in college a few years ago. I've recently signed up to an online college to do a full scope electrician's course so I'm looking to get some experience. I completed the ECS H&S test last month and had 44/45 but...
  15. F

    Looking for job as an Electrician Mate. Worthing

    Actively seeking a position as a full time electrician's mate/apprentice to gain experience. I applied my self on the course and done quite well on the practical and theory. I am willing to apply myself to given tasks and adapt to new challenges. I hold the following qualifications: City &...
  16. T

    I'm Looking for job as an Electrician Mate.

    Hi Guys, I just finished C&G 2365 Level 3, I'm looking to build up experience. I have worked for 6 months in domestic installation 1st and 2nd fix. I Live in Hackney. Thanks in advance
  17. FoxySparky

    Looking for Electricians mate work!

    Hi Guys, haven't been on here in a while. Have ventured further into the industrial electrical than i would have liked lol. Just a post to see if anyone is hiring or needs a sparks mate in the hertfordshire area, for the foreseeable future, preferably domestic, as have been away from the family...
  18. 1

    Electricians mate requirements

    Hello all, sorry to be another one of the many many people asking "how do I become" etc but I couldn't find anything on the electricians mate side of things. Ultimately fully qualified is the dream but currently I'm working a 4 days on 4 days off routine in my current job and was thinking about...
  19. A

    Electricians Mate looking for electricians mate

    i am currently in need of an electricians mate in the west London area for some domestic electrical contracts pay rate negotiable some experience would be ideal however it is not extremely necessary as you will learn on the job if you are interested email us at [email protected]
  20. AJD

    Electricians Mate Kent Improver/ Mate Work sought.

    Hello my name is Andy I live in East Kent and I am looking for work at the level of adult improver / electricians mate either full-time or part-time.I am 53 years old and looking to enter and progress within the industry. My qualifications are as follows; Level 3 Electrical Installations CG...
  21. Rockingit

    Electricians Mate Mate / Improver required, central London for short contract

    Have 2-3 weeks work for someone who knows their way around conventional commercial installations but fancies getting stuck into being a part of something slightly more unusual with the potential for more similar projects over the year. Located near Paddington, good attitude to hard graft...
  22. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician's mate needed in Glasgow ASAP

    Mate needed in Glasgow for 1 week asap for rewire job. More work available on regular basis, have regular local contracts. Must be self employed Must be CIS etc
  23. S

    Electricians Mate Mate needed for 1 week ASAP in Glasgow

    Mate needed in Glasgow for 1 week asap for rewire job. More work available on regular basis, have regular local contracts. Must be self employed Must be CIS etc
  24. P

    Electricians Mate Electrician mate looking for work in London

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for work as a mate/improver in and around London. I have recently finished C&G 2365 Level 3, and I'm looking to pick up some work. Ideally I would like to start building a portfolio towards the NVQ, but as I'm just starting I'm open to any electrical work really. I...
  25. S

    Electricians Mate Electrician or experienced mate required Watford /London

    Hi , looking to take on electrician / electricians mate. Based in Watford with work locally and in and around London . Works are mainly domestic refurbs flats and houses. Ideally have own tools and transport if not based in Watford . Rates dependant on experience etc.. 07542942734
  26. DeanoRN

    Looking for weekend work for experience. birmingham/solihull

    Hi folks. just wondering if anyone is after a mate on the weekends solely for experience paid or unpaid. I am on my level 2 2365 due to finish in may/june and just fancy getting out and getting some experience in the real world. cheers Deano
  27. S

    Keen Learner Around Manchester Area

    Hi, Electrical student looking for work around Manchester... Finished Level One and halfway through level two but looking for something more practical based... Just finished experience at Ashton Christmas markets and have experience in working as part of a team from a past job in Piccadilly...
  28. S

    Looking for Work around Manchester....

    Hi, Electrical student looking for work around Manchester... Finished Level One and halfway through level two but looking for something more practical based... Just finished experience at Ashton Christmas markets and have experience in working as part of a team from a past job in Piccadilly...
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