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  1. B

    Recommend me some lights for my tree!

    Not sure what lights to buy? any suggestions?
  2. Pete999


    For the Admin, seem to have lost all my bits on my Avatar Arm membership trusted Advisor etc, have I been a naughty boy? Got trusted advisor but no Arms membership. Can I have them back please?
  3. Dan

    What's your mancave like?

    So, it seems some of us have pizzas ovens, some of us have tool sheds.... What's your mancave like? Pictures win prizes!
  4. B

    Perpetual Motion??

    Well I have looked at the free energy motors on youtube and usually can figure out how they work. Saw this so I built it and it works This is mine
  5. S

    My Washing Machine Is ...

    silver. Can I ask in this forum if I have problems with it?
  6. B

    amazon fire tablet charger recall

    Theres a number of faulty chargers to be recalled they will either exchange them or refund £12 to your acount if you prefer. see below http://www.amazon.co.uk/b?ie=UTF8&node=9730244031
  7. B

    LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque ?

    We have all seen or even owned chinese copys of phones,GHd's watches etc but this takes the biscuit. The Range rover evoke costs in excess of £40k and the landwind about £14k can you tell the difference? see LandWind X7 - A Chinese Copy of the Range Rover Evoque - News for the...
  8. B

    exploding shower doors

    Yes I said EXPLODING ! Was having a cuppa today at about 11am when I heard what I thought was a firework exploding in my house followed by a sound like a ceiling coming down. Instintivly I run upstairs and found glass on my landing (I feared a firework had smashed my window) then noticed pieces...
  9. B

    iphone is08

    Seems theres a website WITH FALSE INFO SO DONT TRY IT claiming that once you upgrade with is08 you can charge your iphone in a microwave for 1.5 mins Its called wave technology and someone has already tried it with bad results see...
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