1. A


    Hello, my name is Angela, a single mom from London I have always been interested in everything electric as my dad was an electrician, I am always looking on ways to save money with the bills in my house and the one I am renting
  2. GMES

    We're Back

    So boys and Girls we are back in business, and it is nice to see members piling back on. One positive thing to come out of the latest downtime is the amount of members that contacted me by whatever means available asking me what was happening and when it would be fixed and mainly how much they...
  3. R

    Preferred fixing method of a RCD,check this out

    I have a problem with my outside lights ,can you sort it out she said. Oh found this,well it least it had an RCD on the outside lights,someones interpretation. Switch porch lights on from inside house and this controls all outside lighting,CU burried in fully fitted oak kitchen no access...
  4. M

    Rogue Traders on now

    BBC 1, Got a dodgy spark on it tonight, anyone care to confess? :D
  5. P

    RCBO install

    Guys, Just wanted to check on how to wire a rcbo live and neutral from circuit into rcbo blue lead from rcbo to neutral bar and white lead from rcbo with earth from circuit to earth bar is this correct.
  6. K

    building control bless em !

    Hi all Decided to do some domestics in spare time while its a bit quiate so as you do took quals to building control and application for garage CU for assessment and they very kindly tidied my wallet but stole £137.00 bless em anyway the nice guy said to go ahead and now after 3days recieved a...
  7. M

    common lighting fault

    what in peoples experience would be the most common fault on lighting circuits :)
  8. ian.settle1

    How does a MCB work

    Originally posted by: lsuk :rolleyes:I dont understand how the MCB's work, if you've got a fault live to earth somewhere down the line on a circuit, why does it trip off? how does it detect the fault via the MCB and trip?:rolleyes: I came across this posting on the IET wesite :eek: Do any...
  9. C

    how do you price your work?

    i'm nearly finished my college (2330) and have been sparking for about 5 years and the time has come for me to possibly go out on my own a do a bit of "private" work. i have the ability and the confidence now but dont have a clue where to start with pricing?! i'm not really talking about major...
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