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  1. J

    Plug-in Solar Power Stations

    Hi there. Interested to know what anyone thinks about these plug-in solar power stations which are coming onto the market. These things are wired (via a Switched Fused Connection Unit) into the mains power supply. This system dispenses with the feed-in tariff and can apparently be installed...
  2. I

    3 Phase presentation

    HiForum Thisall came about as I am looking to use a 3 phase motor with variablefrequency drive/VFD and started to get confused with 3 phasevoltage. MyVFD uses one phase and neutral on the input and presents 3 phases onthe output in Delta (no neutral). At first I though I could simulate400V 3...
  3. D


    Self Employed Electrician Insurance trying to start off, As you know my English isnt that great so LAWER talk and Insurance sadly i was in the hands of the insurance company. As when i tried to join a Governing body, i tried Napit and went with Napit Insurance, what has another name that is...
  4. N

    Fluke1651B Test Leads

    Hi, I have just purchased a second hand Fluke 1651B Multi Function Tester, which is caibrated and serviced. There was a set of new leads with it complying to GS38, with 500mA fuses in. Everytime I try to take a Ze it blows the fuses. Does anyone else have a Fluke MFT and if so what size...
  5. S

    Garage Installation - Part P Question

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forum so forgive me if this is the wrong section :) I've recently finished my first year at college doing an Electrical Installations evening course and I now feel competent to add a circuit into the garage at my dads house. I will be putting a CU in there...
  6. E

    Unexplained Battery Drain: Ford S-Max

    I've just had my first encounter with unexplained battery drain on a 2010 reg S-Max (2L Petrol Turbo). Car was last used on a Thursday afternoon, and battery was dead by Sunday morning, registering just under 6V on a meter. The lights were not left switched or left on overnight. The AA came...
  7. Sintra

    Drawing software.

    I need some drawing software to pull me out of a hole until I get autocad reinstalled onto my PC. Need to be able to do scale equipment layout plans and elevations. Anyone know of anything free or cheapish that would do the job.
  8. P

    max zs of large fuses

    BS7671 tables only go to certain size fuses eg how can I find max ZS of 400 amp BS88 - 2 on niceic test sheets they ask for a max value out of regs table I have only managed to find a busman fuse chart which differs been told by employer to use these values on sheets any input would help thanks
  9. R

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Thought i would share what elecsa said

    After quite few threads ive seen here on whether care-homes is Commercial or Domestic and notifiable or not, i spoke with Elecsa and they advised that work im doing in a care-home WOULD BE notifiable....Reason being that the requirements of Part P states on page 5, The example of Appication: A...
  10. L

    design software

    evening does anybody know of any good design software for designing logos etc just got loads of cards from vista print and not happy with them going to design my own well a least try lol
  11. The Solar King

    What is the real reason behind the government’s solar cuts?

    If you haven't read this article, you should. You need to know who we are fighting and why. What is the real reason behind the government
  12. S

    calculating diversity for lighting circuit

    Hi I'm sitting my unit 4 exam for C &G 2330 electrotechnical course. I'm a little confused to calculate the answer to this question I can't get the same answer 10 x 60w fluorescent lamps will have an assumed current demand at 230v of a. 2.6A b. 4.35 A c. 4.7 A d. 7.83...
  13. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Which course for JIB recogniton

    Hi, Have worked as an electrician since 15th edition have my 236 pt1 & 2 just updated to 17th edition have worked on industrial,commercial and domestic .I was looking into applying for a JIB card in the hope this would improve my chances of getting work as getting the 17th hasnt, regardless of...
  14. E

    formula for working out ring main cable sizes

    Hi Can anybody remember the formula for working out ring main cable sizes (Cable Capacities). I know we use 32amp MCB with 2 x 2.5mm² but its been so long I cant remember the formula that proves 2.5mm² is capable of carrying a ring main load. Thank you in advance Sorry if this has been...
  15. M

    JIB CARD - how do I get one?

    hello does anybody know how to get a JIB card. I have finished my 2330 level 2 and 3 , 17th edition IEE, Part P, I have CSCS site operative card and I have recently passed my ECS health and safety exam which is essential for a JIB card. the thing is that I have no experience as an electrician in...
  16. C

    Emergency Lighting Testing requirements

    Hi Guys Any information on testing requirements for emergency lighting in an appartment development? Anything unusual outside the normal testing procedures, such as compliance to other Regs or required certificates? Cheers
  17. M

    fuse box upgrade

    Iv recently upgraded a consumer unit in a small terraced house.When I carried out an inspection I found that the sockets I sampled were spurred, the tests i did I.R, ZS, polarity were fine.When i changed the board it appeared there were two ring circuits.I know the 3 step method of proving a...
  18. K

    Testing tt system

    Hi guys did a perodic test on a house today, was a tt system, all readings were coming back 493 ohms to 503 ohms which seems a little high to me. however max zs on tt systems on various mcb is not in the regs book, so what do you guys put in for you max zs??? do the above reading seem high...
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