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  1. Worcester

    Rosemary (aka plain) Tile Roofs

    Rosemary tiles are the number one roof covering amongst our clients, so we're always looking for the best insatallation method. Over time we've used: Click-fit (grind every tile and some flashing) Standard roof hooks (grind every tile and some flashing) Solar Limpets Redtip and HookStop and for...
  2. G

    Does anyone still fit panels on slate roofs

    Hi looking to see if anybody fits PVC panels on slate roofs, reason being I have 483 schueco brackets, for sale
  3. S

    PV Installation Competition

    I'm laying down the gauntlet - today I heard about an installation not very far away from us that took 2.5 hours to install. Wow I said - that long? Beat that!:willy_nilly:
  4. M

    solar flash

    hi has anyone used solar flash system on slate roof? can anyone recommend a roof hook for the above needs 30degree offset as it comes of room rafter?
  5. SibertSolar

    SolarFlash - Slate Roof flashing solution

    Hi guys, we're currently putting in place a plan to stock/promote/distribute this solution for slate flashing when fitting PV. It was brought to my attention by a well-respected client of ours and we feel it is pretty nifty - anyone else have any experience or thoughts? SolarFlash Thanks in...
  6. dansk

    Solar Limpets

    Im going to use these on upcoming job - they only sell in box's of 25, any one got a few spare they wanna sell? i need 34 in total.
  7. S

    annual assessment

    its that time of yr again! Had a letter recently saying QUOTE:- "with regards to your continued enrolment with the approved contractor scam scheme, " we would NOW like to proceed with your periodic assessment visit. " the last bit sounds a bit like oh we had your money 2 months ago but...
  8. C

    Solar installs needed asap !!!!!!

    Hello, We are a solar PV installation team, consisting of 2 solar PV roofers and an electrician with a lot of solar panel installation experience. We have been installing two jobs a day for the last year with all different systems and with different types of roofs. We are quick, neat and work...
  9. P

    Slate roof and solar-pv 'in-roof'

    Hi I'm looking at doing an in-roof system on a slate roof which is a re-roof. So, I'm wondering if anyone has done this and can offer any advice? I'm yet to talk to my roofers but currently thinking about possible gotchas with thin slate around in-roof frame. Also, can anyone suggest a good...
  10. S

    slate roof installation - Ubiflex

    We are doing a quote for a slate roof and know from previous threads that there is the difference of opinion about drilling vs removal of the slate tile in order to secure the roof fixings. We have had some training with a well known company and they advocate removal of the tile but instead of...
  11. C

    Oak Shingle Roof on SIP panels, advice needed

    Hi all I have an install in the next few days on an oak shingle roof. Technically they are shakes - i.e. they are split oak rather than sawn, various widths, with a three ply overlap. They are laid on 25x50 battens nailed to SIP panels. The SIP panel is a bonded 18mm OSB/100mm insulation/18mm...
  12. T

    Installing Landscape panels without any gaps between rows

    Hi, Completed an install at the weekend, it was three rows of 7 Sharp 185w 990x1300mm ( I seem to remember) panels. I couldn't for the life of me work out how to install the rail system (we use click fit) so we had no gaps between rows. In the end I had about a 300mm gap between each row and...
  13. M

    Advice please. Slate roof installation

    Looking at installing pv on my parents house a slate roof. Whats best way please? Seen a couple of youtube vids. One video using hanger bolts which spread to form water tight seals or other which meant cutting slate and then use lead flashing? All help appreciated. Thanks Sent from my iPhone...
  14. J

    Solar Pv Slate Roof Tiles?

    Hi lads Looking for some solar pv slate roof tiles for a project coming up and i havent been able to find a great deal online or through current wholesalers? There seems to be a limited variety on the market, yet the US seems to have masses available. What are the best ones to look at? Price...
  15. E

    Solar Pv Roofer

    Any body recommend a good solar pv roofer thats is good on slate roofs how can fit brackets under the slate NOT on top. thank you
  16. S

    Best method to fit Panel to slate roof.

    Hi. The PV array I'm considering will be fitted to our recently-built garage roof. It has real slate (Spanish, I think), 600mmx300mm (I think - I can confirm tomorrow...), each fixed with two nails. Some of the potential installers who came out to quote have warned against using certain fixing...
  17. S

    Foam gaskets for double sockets on uneven walls

    Does anyone know where I can get foam gaskets for double sockets to take up the slack when mounting a double socket on an uneven surface? A client has bought some v.nice flat brushed chrome sockets, but he bought them online & they didn't come with gaskets. They are to be mounted on a reclaimed...
  18. M

    Commercial mounting pv panels on slate roof

    I have just achieved mcs accreditation and have been asked to install a system on a slate roof. I am aware that some installers drill the slates and use sealed bolts to fix the mounting rails, I'm not overly keen on drilling someones slate roof and was wondering weather there is an alternative...
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