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hi all

we are of to Greece again in September god willing what is the best place and worse place you have been to

Best Kardemena :D

Worst Bl**dy bodrum in turkey

come on guys let us all know

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girlfriend booked us to corfu yesterday for june as well as italy for august and my job isnt even secure!!!!


best place has got to be mount blanc on skiing holiday many years ago, summer holiday though got to be ibiza, also many years ago.

worst was bleeding tunisia. beggers everywhere


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The best place I've been on holiday is Jamaica, loved every minute:).

The worst has to be France......It was my honeymoon with my now Ex-wife, nuff said I think.:mad:


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Got to admit, i used to love skiing.

Val D Isere has to be the best

Dont really get much opportunity now:(


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went to cuba 2 years ago that was a great place plus very safe and went domican republic last year which was also very good but not as safe

thinking of tunisia this year but all the prices are mental


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have been to menorca several times now ive done both self catering and half board.
fantastic the beach was huge plenty of space for everyone our three kids loved it.

Scott F

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If you have a few months off (not likely anymore) anywhere in India Goa ,Pushkar in Rajistan Calcutta Varanassi .Although not Mumbai last month that was pretty hardcore


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Best has got to be Lake Como or Magaluf (back in the day)

Worst I ever went was Tunisia. The heat killed me, I like heat but couldn't eat, sleep or anything!

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