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I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago after I saw them demonstrated at an exhibition.

They've been languishing unused in the workshop ever since.... until today, when I was surprised to find that they do not "lock" in any reasonable sense of the word that I understand - despite what I *thought* I saw at the exhibition.

After spending an age searching on the Knipex web site, YouTube, and the internet generally I can find virtually nothing on this particular item at all.

Has anybody else out there got a pair and if so do they "lock"?

Lock that is the manner of a pair of Mole Grips?

If so then what I thought I saw at the exhibition was correct and I have a faulty pair.

If not then I have completely misunderstood how they are supposed to work.


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I believe the 'self locking' just refers to the self sizing of the jaws and the mechanism. From the looks of it, the linkage means only one hand (with constant force) is needed to 'lock' the pliers in place on a pipe/nut.

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Tell you what, to save you from all problems PM with where I can collect them from:)


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I have two sizes of the Rothenberger one handed locking wrenches .
They are bulletproof.download.jpg


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I've said it before,and i'll say it again....whenever you see the word "smart",on a product or service...prepare to be disappointed...

(And Knipex is crackin gear:):))

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I have agents in W3 so I think that trumps, if I may use such a word, W12 me dear!

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Knipex state all their pliers like that are self locking, however they mean the jaws will not slip once pressure has been applied by gripping and force is maintained on the top arm.
I did try that once with my knipex cobras but I couldn't get them to lock, I shall have to try again when I am back on site.
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We're in an undisclosed secret location in W13 so you're all out of luck (unless you know where Waitrose is that is... ;) )

I have looked at every datasheet, video, and online reference that I can find and remained unenlightened hence my question here.

I reckon SparkyChick (and others) are right - they are not self-locking in any sense of the phrase that actually makes sense in ordinary English.

I am feeling slightly mis-sold, as they weren't cheap.

OTOH, they are a cracking quality tool. I just have to get over the "self-locking" thing and get on with it.
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