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Not an ads problem this time, more an observation.

The “unread posts” drop down list used to give a list of all unread posts. The top few were highlighted yellow, indicating unread, and the remaining in orange…(terracotta?)
The yellow ones would change to orange as you clicked through to read them.

For the last couple of days, I’ve clicked the icon to drop the list, and the yellow ones change colour within seconds, before I’ve visited those posts.

On safari, iphone11 iOS 17.0.3
Not checked on laptop.
Its the little bell icon on the right, Dan.:- "Alerts"

“Recent” drop down list 1707416810586 - EletriciansForums.net

So these had a yellow background, but changed to this orange colour basically as soon as it opened.... rather than after id visited the link and read the post it refers to.

This is on Edge, on Windows 11.. so it has happened on both phone and laptop.

And as you can see on the right... im still getting ads... but at least this one, im likely to use the product. :)
I get you now mate.

Ads: bear with me a week or so. Just today again Google have announced new features for publishers, some launched in the US-only by the looks of it, so I'm doing a bit of testing here and there, when I do that, I lose some variables as I'd rather get the test done using lots of traffic (so all users - subscribed, logged in, logged out, less than x posts, more than x posts - so using the whole forum traffic) and a shorter amount of time, than configure each test for each ad spot for each user group. Only to then find subscribed users don't ever click on a certain spot.

Regarding the alerts for threads you've read v ones you haven't: that's my fault again (ha - as always) as I'm messing around with the search box and surrounding code, and it looks like I haven't closed a tag. So I'll go find it now. :)

I'm also running some tests on an actual test domain (with no traffic) too. And that has its own problems lol
Sausages (just for tracking a min lol needed a word, I must be hungry)
That was Lou's fault. She added it by mistake, and I clocked it today.

I'll get on the ads again tomorrow morning. I found Google launched another ad feature last night, then a notice about them changing their login system (for Google accounts Inc Gmail and YouTube not the forum).

If you're into shares I'd buy alphabet shares now. Google are changing big things like search soon.

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