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There was once an influx of Solar PV Installers in the UK. The UK Government did have an incentive for people who installed Solar Photovoltaic Systems to their property. And that meant that there were installers able to install solar panels on a roof, and the owner would only need to pay a percentage of the cost price. And they'd also get paid a good sum for each Kw they produced and sent back to the grid when the property was fully powered. As a result of that, installers spread across the country and customers were ripe for installations.

These days however, there are a lot less financial incentives. And a lot less installers. But ongoing, we will need to turn to green energy sources to power our ever-increasing demands for electricity. hopes to house in our directory every independent solar installer across the country. And we've started this off with the few we've added ourselves. But if you know of a good installer, or are one, then please do click 'Add Resource'.


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