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  1. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Can't sleep, don't take sleeping pill.

    Just watch this bloke for 5 minutes guaranteed to send you off, Trainees beware.
  2. R

    hello all another new bloke

    hello, im richard, just starting out so your threads will be a great way to help me learn, looking forward to finally getting myself in the trade i have wanted to do for a long time,
  3. NDG Elecs

    What a silly sausage this bloke is!!

    Suffolk electrician fined for refusing to use green and yellow wire -
  4. Pete999

    Judge Rinder

    I was sat in the living room minding my own, when the Wife came in all excited (no not that sort of excitement) you smutty lot. Quick she said turn over to ITV and watch this idiot, turns out the Posh Lady was having some building work done, and she had to get an Electrician in to repair a...
  5. Pete999

    Work Stories

    Sat here minding my own business, thinking about past glories, get the picture? good. I was on a posting to Cyprus up in the Mountains so it wasn't very sunny, snow, never seen anything like it. Being probably the only bloke there who was handy with tools I was every ones Friend, well these...
  6. R

    shaver socket/ light buzzing

    hi i have just installed a shaver socket/light it is supplied from a fused spur unit 5amp recomended by the manufacturer but it is geting warm ( not hot) and making a buzzing sound is there a reason for this ?
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