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  1. Lou

    Day 4 Advent Calendar Competition - Enter here!

    Welcome to Day 4 of the Advent Calendar Comp for Today up for grabs:- Bragging rights, basically. Username Tag 'Advent Win' (that'll disappear 1st Jan when we want to forget Christmas) Hat (sent out first week of Jan save us doing it daily)...
  2. D

    Neat idea for an apprenticeship competition

    View: Maybe some tools as a prize ?
  3. Dan Job Of The Month Competition has started again Checkout the September jobs on Had 10 entries for the first month it has been back in around 10 months. That's not bad to be fair. :) So, for those who don't know, this is where a tiler will whack pictures of his job in a thread, and...
  4. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time?

    As an electrician, do you feel you have enough independent competition between certification companies when it comes to renewal time? (Poll total results are publicly visible - but NOT the actual individual votes - those are private and cannot be accessed via the forum software once the vote is...
  5. Electrical2go

    GIVEAWAY - Win an ESP NightHawk LED Floodlight with Electrical2Go - COMPETITION - FREE

    Win an ESP NightHawk Low Energy LED Floodlight (NH-150) Worth £38.54 We are giving away 2 ESP NightHawks to fellow electriciansforums members, who kindly share with us any products that YOU feel we should sell at We want to make sure we are providing electricians with...

    Competition: We all have that mate who has the world’s messiest van, if not it’s probably you…

    Hi all, We ran a ‘Messy Van Competition’ on here a couple of years back and had quite a bit of fun so we’ve decided to help out those in need by providing the two messiest vans with one of our ‘Van Storage Tilt Bin 4’ units. We’re going to run the competition on the Plumbers/Tilers forums too...
  7. CK Tools

    C.K Tools Competition - Stubby VDE Screwdrivers

    :megaphone::megaphone::megaphone: Check out our latest competition over in the Electrical Tools and Products sub forum :) C.K Tools Competition - Stubby VDE Screwdrivers -
  8. CK Tools

    C.K Tools Competition - Stubby VDE Screwdrivers

    Hi All, To celebrate the launch of the C.K Stubby VDE slim screwdriver 4 pack, we have 4 sets to giveaway to 4 lucky winners!! Whilst they’re not BIG, they are CLEVER! Featuring a short slim blade for easy access to even sunken screws in the tightest of places, they are fully VDE approved...
  9. JK-Electrical

    Cut-throat Competition: The Race To The Bottom

    Electrical installation work, as all self-employed electricians will know, is a highly-competitive business. My own business operates mainly in the greater Glasgow area, and I have to say that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to compete on a level playing field. I was recently approached...
  10. CK Tools

    A New Month, A New Competition! 3 x C.K dextroVDE Slim screwdrivers sets are up for grabs!

    Hi All The latest addition to our C.K dextroVDE screwdriver range has arrived! To celebrate we have 3 sets to giveaway to 3 lucky winners! C.K dextroVDE Slim, provide quick and easy access to recessed screws yet still offer outstanding strength and durability. The dynamic torsional...
  11. CK Tools


    Hi All To celebrate the launch of our brand new NEXT GENERATION cable rods, C.K MightyRods PRO, we're running a giveaway competition. Packed full of advanced technology, C.K MightyRods PRO take cable rods to a whole new level. SPLINTERPROOF - splinterSHIELD coating prevents painful...
  12. S

    New to the forum

    Hi fellas, I'm Stephen from London. I currently undertake domestic and commercial electrical work
  13. K

    Working in Schools?

    Any advise for Quoting & working in a Primary School? Registration with the Local Council; Payment terms, conditions & methods etc Cheers, Kev
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