1. Fitzy

    TurboCAD electrical drawings.

    Has anyone used TurboCAD for electrical design drawings, ifs, how did you find it and do you have an example of a drawing? I’m learning how to use TurboCAD now.
  2. C

    emergency lighting layout drawings

    Is there any software that will enable a rough drawing of a building layout which can combine photo metric data? Possibly a free software from a lighting manufacturer?
  3. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  4. bigspark17

    Software for cad drawings...

    What do people use for cad drawings? I want to be able to add edit pdf floor plans for fire alarm & emergency lighting devices locations. Rather than drawing with a pen..
  5. D

    simple electrical drawings

    Greetings to all. I was hoping that someone here could assist in the choice of electrical drawing software, i only need to prepare simple control diagrams, ie contactors/overloads/ no contacts/nc contacts etc, but the systems advertised are very expensive and require huge amounts of memory...
  6. J

    What programme to create electrical layout drawings??

    Hi I'm looking for a reasonably priced or free programme that I can upload layout drawings to and then be able to insert electrical symbols (i.e sockets, switches, lights etc). I've been searching high and low but can't seem to find anything thats not around £1000. Thanks!
  7. J

    As Installed drawings

    Hi guys I need to produce a set of as installed drawings for an install we recently completed It's nothing fancy, a storage facility with approximately 10 circuits Is there any software/programmes out there which would be able to produce pdf's without breaking the bank?
  8. C

    PAID WORK, help needed with technical drawings assignment work

    Hi there, I have just moved from Cambridge to Plymouth upon completing my Level 2 & 3 Electrical installation training (2365). I have some assignment work to finish off for it and I'm stuck on the last task of technical drawings (cable routing). As I have now moved from Cambridge I'm not able...
  9. C

    Help needed on Technical drawings (last section of assignment work)

    Hi there, I have just moved from Cambridge to Plymouth upon completing my Level 2 & 3 Electrical installation training (2365). I have some assignment work to finish off for it and I'm stuck on the last task of technical drawings (cable routing). As I have now moved from Cambridge I'm not able...
  10. F

    Drawing requirements under the IEE Regulations

    I'm a Facilities Manager and not an electrician though I do have some electrical qualifications of some years ago. I wonder if anyone would like to give their views on the requirements if any, for the retention, updating and provision of electrical drawings requirements for inspection and...
  11. Leesparkykent

    Freelance CAD designer

    Does anyone know of or use someone to produce drawings for them? Need them produced for design and build jobs...Looking for a good reliable service at a reasonable price :)
  12. M

    Spray bake booths

    Hi all am looking for anybody who's works on or has worked on or knows anybody who works on spray bake spraying booths
  13. L

    Fire Alarm Drawings

    Hi All just wondering how everyone completes their Design Drawings, As Fitted Drawings and zone plans for commercial Fire Alarm systems that you installed
  14. Y

    Lighting Design

    Afternoon All, As some of you may know I've been working in electrical design for a year and a bit following 8 years on the tools. Now I'm thinking of starting up my own lighting design business, however I'm unsure as to whether it will work or not (I appreciate it does as some people have done...
  15. E

    Design software

    Hello, has as anyone got any advise on which software to use instead of Microsoft Visio, don't really want to pay £250 of a product I might use once a year I only want to be able to import drawings (in pdf format) and mark lighting and switch locations. Would be great if the have the correct...
  16. M


    Could anybody recommend software to create or alter fire zone drawings, and does anything exist whereas I could scan old A3 drawings and be able to alter them in the software? This isn't completely necessary however it would save a lot of time. I see that autoCAD has been recommended here...
  17. GMES

    Can you just tidy my panel up a bit!!!!

    Got asked if I could just tidy up a customers panel up a bit, he said his previous guy used to be able to get the Machine running all the time but wasn't the tidiest of guys. within 2 minutes of looking at this mess I had cost the customer quite a lot of money. The isolator you see does...
  18. B

    Industrial Installation Drawings

    So our H&S manager came back from a course last week and asked me do we have schematic drawings for the fixed installation, I said yeah....in my head! I've been there 10 years and know all of the site electrics like the back off my hand, but there are no drawings. Thinking about what she said I...
  19. Dean Williams

    schematic software

    Hi All Can anyone recommend some software for producing distribution diagrams. Just simple ones like you'd have at the main section board of a school etc, detailing where each board is fed from. Thanks
  20. G

    Let's see your circuit designs!

    Let's see your drawings boys I'll post some of mine on monday they're all at work. Also post any complicated diagrams you've seen/got so I have something to try and decipher! Electrical Installation/Design to Electronics drawings post it all. I am aware we already have a Thread for showing...
  21. R

    Building Services Controls Course

    Hi guys, Prob going over old ground here but does anyone recommend a good controls course, I can fault find on a panel but its more knowing why, for example certain plant needs interlocking, sequences for startups etc. I know this prob sounds daft but any help would be great.
  22. O

    Design software ~ CAD

    Ever now and again I'd like to be able to use my computer to generate a "layout" of a design so they can see where lights and accessories are going to be placed. So my questions is: Can anyone recommend a cheapish software package to do building layouts? I've tried Your Home 3D Designer...
  23. S

    drawings showing cable trunking

    Hi all, just a question to see if anybody had drawings or plans off installations where there is cable tray and armoured cable to be installaed i am trying to find out about the industrial side off things have only ever worked on domestic and would like to see what the drawings look like...
  24. R


    I have been asked to carry out some Pir's for a housing association. What does anyone consider the going rate to be in London? Many Thanks
  25. G

    Solar design

    Hi am new to the forum, have recently become a MCS installer via NICEIC am struggling a bit to make my mind up about the design side of the job to either go for PVSOL or equivalent as i have had contact via a couple of companies that will do all the design etc and sell the kit but obviously...
  26. T

    test board resistors

    hi all, anyone have any idea what resistors colleges put in test boards to simulate longer cables for decent ring test results? cheers!
  27. R

    Going ELECSA

    Hi guys i know been good few posts but thought would ask got my assessment in 6 weeks with David Goddard, anybody met the fella.? Gonna read through all the tips and points on all the threads but anything anyone experienced anything recent that could benefit me and my nerves please shout...
  28. P

    Customers from hell.

    I wired an extension for some very posh customers recently.I put the first fix in which included loads of spots throughout the house.I left all the cables for the spots above the plaster board ceiling and made a drawing telling me where to drill my holes. After i finnised i took less than half...
  29. A

    Is a drawing register a valid instruction?

    Ok im currently up **** creek without a paddle! Ive been busy on various projects in the meen time we have had a reletively small project running in the background which i havent paid much attention to as the guys i had running it are competent and i trust them.. So after a site visit and a...
  30. P

    Deign Software

    Hi, Does anyone know of any good, free Electrical design software?
  31. 85mick85


    Any one know where i can get my hands on some good cheap software like doing drawings of the cad type? i just want it to play about with? maybe do some asfited drawings? any help please thanks:confused:
  32. R

    Paper Work

    In the process of gathering paper work for my assesment. I was wonering what paper work you guys keep and what you show to the assor when being assessed anually. As i understand i need the following. IEE 17th Book IEE 17th On-site Guide EWR 1989 Memorandom (blue book) H&S At work act saftey...
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