1. T

    4.57Kw PV with a 4Kw inverter. Inverter too small?

    Hi, I bought a 4.57Kw PV system (14x SunPower 327W panels) for my house last year. I now noticed that the installer fitted a SE4000 Solaredge which is limited to 4Kw. I can see from my stats that the system goes up to 3.98Kw but never above. It just goes flat and stays at 3.98Kw (especially...
  2. K

    Question help

    any help with this greatly appreciated..the output of a series dc motor when connected to a 230v supply and running at 1320 rev/min is 3.5kw. the supply current for this loading is 20.5A 1.calculate torque developed 2. Operating efficiency
  3. T

    EU's doing away with 3phase Pumps and motors

    This is starting to get right on my !! Now. Needed a few pumps in the last few months, which wasn't the easiest of jobs getting like for like. But now I can't get them or any for that. All the pump and motor manufacturers are only supplying single phase motors wdf. Some ass in the EU/ G12 or...
  4. S

    Conversion Efficiency Of 18.2% Achieved Using Perovskite Solar Cells

    A research group in Japan achieved energy conversion efficiency exceeding 18% using standard size perovskite solar cells. A research group led by Liyuan Han, a leader of the Photovoltaic Materials Group, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, achieved energy conversion...
  5. S

    Relevant building or not?

    Hi, I have a 30kW project where panels are to be mounted on a warehouse style building that has no form of heating but has just had a 3 phase supply added to it for the purpose of running a large heat pump. The heat supplies two other buildings (main house and maids quarters) but they are on a...
  6. H

    High efficiency PV panel source (one-off qty)

    I'm doing an off-grid install on a narrowboat requiring a small no. of panels (e.g. 5 x 100W or 2 to 3 larger panels - aiming for 400Wp to 600Wp with a 450Ah battery bank). Solar payback for this setup is high because its solar or diesel generation only (rough estimate 5p / Ah at 12v). So I...
  7. F

    Slightly off topic heating-related/green energy question

    Hi guys. This is quite a long post, and perhaps a bit off-topic, but I suspect that this section of the forum is about the best place to start asking...... As you'll know, I am enthusiastic about "green" and "eco-friendly" solutions. I recycle, I grow my own fruit and veg, I have solar PV and...
  8. Princesolar

    Installations since April

    Interesting to see the amount of Installations since April. What do you think will happen to the market in August with the proposed 20 year tariff at 16p? How long can the market continue to survive on these cuts,and do you think that panel prices will continue to fall or have they now hit there...
  9. Princesolar

    EPC Solar Thermal

    I was totally shocked to find out when registering a solar thermal and a heat pump installation we carried out that no EPC is required, how an earth does that work when they both involve heat loss, yet pv producing electricity requires it? Proof they are trying to kill the pv industry :61:
  10. telectrix

    quick rule of thumb, 3 phase current

    now this is not exact, but comes close. say you have a 3 phase, 400v motor, given the kW, to get an approx. value for the current per phase, (can be done in your head), just multiply the kW x 1.5. e.g. a 20kW motor. I = 30A. ( not allowing for efficiency, pf etc. ) just to give a rough idea.
  11. V

    World's Top 50 Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules

    Worlds Top 50 Mono-Crystalline Solar PV Modules Based On Efficiency - June 2011...
  12. T

    Highest Wattage Panel You've Seen

    Whats the highest wattage panel you've seen? and by who if you can remember? seen some Chinese ones at 400w and wondered if any of more well known ones have bigger output than 250w or some in the pipeline for release at future date. Might help for future planning.
  13. MarkRibbands

    Panel efficiency: Why does it matter?

    I’ve been comparing various makes and models of PV panels for an 8kW project. Sales people keep on and on at me about this or that panel being ‘more efficient’ than some other, so is obviously worth the extra cost. My understanding is that the efficiency of a panel is the rate at which it...
  14. K

    Trade mags

    Afternoon all, I just pased the 2399-11 and I'm left with more questions than answers :( Anyone know of any trade magazines for products/jobs etc. Any trade shows coming up? Is the InstallerLive at the NEC a little too plumber based. Lastly, how the heck do I learn to do an energy efficiency...
  15. G

    Panel efficiency, an explanation please

    Could anybody please explain the relevance of panel efficiency in real terms? e.g. Sanyo H series 250W panel - 18% efficiency Sharp 250W - 15.2% efficiency Mitsubishi 250W - 15.1% efficiency 16 of either of the above panels would give me a 4kW system so where does efficiency come into play...
  16. L

    another perspective on comparing different brands of panels

    So having had a bit of time to play with a loaned laptop running PV Sol I decided to analyse some 4 kWp systems using differrent panels all using an SMA SB 4000TL inverter. Here's a summary table. qty panel watt kWp PV Sol size area theoretical PV Sol % efficiency efficiency 16...
  17. S

    Black Suntech Panels

    Anyone know where I can source black Suntech panels?
  18. W

    What size are you quoting on DNO forms - Peak or Instantaneous output?

    Had a meeting with One of the northern DNO's today and they were as helpful as ever, we were actually talking about over 50kw but this question also applies to the 3.68 to 4kw range. On the ENA DNO application form it asks for the net plant size - what are you filling in for this figure? as I...
  19. S

    Panel Degradation

    Can anyone explain the impact of degradation on panel efficiency please? I'm struggling to understand why the Schott panels are better than others with amonia when they are less efficient. Ie Schott 230 13.7% ish and Sharp 245 (when certified) 14.9%. Surely if the sharp panels are 1.2%...
  20. SolarCity

    Differences in panels

    Can anybody please help me out with regards to the differences between panels and their potential yield. PV Sol does a great job of giving you figures based on which panel you use but I can't work out why some 180w panels give out one return and another 180w panel gives another figure. I...
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