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  1. T

    What's the best way to become a fully qualified electrician earning a good wage?

    As the title says, what's the best way of doing this? I got a good set of GCSES (2A*s, 10As and 2Bs) however I do not think that I will be able to go to uni. Instead learning a trade is a more likely option. I have decided to go to being an electrician and will probably apply for something...
  2. M

    Mid-Position, Fully Pumped update

    Hi, Mid-Position, Fully Pumped update Firstly I would like to say thank you to mhar and tlangdon12 for their advice on my previous post, on what they said about building regulations, which I have taken on board. I do understand about building regs as I ran a sub-contract carpentry company for...
  3. gazdkw82

    Becoming fully compliant/joining schemes

    I'm coming towards a crossroads. I have 1 last hurdle to get over in the new year and that's AM2. After that I will have my full level 3 NVQ, 2391 test and inspect, pasma and IPAF. Once I overcome this last hurdle I'm unsure on what I should do. Currrently I am stable in a maintenance role...
  4. S

    How to become fully qualified?!

    Hi Guys, So I completed my level 2 and 3 C & G course at college in May. I’ve worked as a mate a bit since, but I need more experience and consistent work to go on to complete my NVQ and whatnot. My question is, as I’m not going the apprentice route, what’s the best way to gain that...
  5. happyhippydad

    Leisure battery discharging too quickly when fully charged?

    Hello all.. 2 years ago I fitted a solar panel to my shed, charge controller and battery. It has all been working fine, but recently it has been losing it's charge very quickly and the charge controller kicks in and turns the lights off. The battery charges up to 13.7V but drops to 12.1V very...
  6. P

    Need help for achieving a fully qualified electrical qualification

    Good afternoon, My name is Patrik I am 26 and I live in London and I am an EU citizen. I have enquiries regarding qualifications that I would need to work as an electrician. I have been looking for employment as an electrician for the past 2 years and I have been struggling, I gathered that I...
  7. A

    Need some Advice on Becoming Fully Qualified

    Hey guys im 19 ive completed my Levels 2 + 3 Electrical installation and PAT testing at college, ive been looking for apprenticeships for a while, on job sites such as indeed and the gov apprenticeship one and regularly ringing round local companies to try and get a start but no-ones interested...
  8. J

    Fully Qualified Electrician Course

    Evening, I am looking to become a fully qualified electrician however I am unsure which is the best route to go down. I work in the electrical industry currently working with data a fibre. I have rewired my house (with a little help) Could anyone suggest the best way to go about achieving...
  9. S

    Btec level 3 electrical diploma, what do i need to do to become fully qualified spark

    Hi, need advice I have a btec level 3 diploma electrical/electronic installation. What can i do to become a fully qualified commercial electrician. Its been 3 years since i passed the 2 year course. Will i need to do a city and guilds course or just part p & 17th edition? Any help thanks
  10. andysparkfree

    need to fully understand ... and im just not getting it

    Hi guys i need an idiots guide to the following and i know you guys know your stuff swa armouring as a cpc only now i think i know the following , but how to put it altogether and where 8.8 comes from is just confusing me , so if i start again and you good people so 4 core 35mm swa has csa...
  11. CDS - MGISD

    We are looking for an experienced, fully qualified, self-motivated Electrician Dom & Comm.

    JOB ADVERT - We are looking for an experienced, fully qualified, self-motivated Electrician to join our busy team. You MUST hold a City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate in requirements for Electrical Installations (current IEE wiring regulations) 17th Edition Regs City & Guilds Inspection, Testing...
  12. Jet Electrical

    Looking for full time fully qualified electrician in Fylde Coast Area.

    Afternoon, advert below. £17/hr We are looking for an experience electrician to join our team based on the Fylde Coast. The electrician will need to have 10 years experience, with at least 5 years post-qualification work. The work hours are between 8:00am – 4:30pm Mon-Fri. Uniform will be...
  13. Jet Electrical

    Looking for a full time fully qualified spark in Lytham/Blackpool/Fleetwood

    Afternoon, advert below. £17/hr We are looking for an experience electrician to join our team based on the Fylde Coast. The electrician will need to have 10 years experience, with at least 5 years post-qualification work. The work hours are between 8:00am – 4:30pm Mon-Fri. Uniform will be...
  14. J

    My DC Fan wont spin fully, Only stutters and stops every 5 seconds

    I have a DC 24v Fan, which at full load uses around 7Amps. I brought a DC 24v 13A PSU Driver, which when i first tested the fan powered it just fine. After a week or so went by, I reconnected the driver again, and now the fan doesnt spin even 2% of what it did before. The fan just about...
  15. Lou

    Capital Electricians Limited

    Capital Electricians are an NICEIC registered company that offer a full range of electrical installation and maintenance services in London and the surrounding counties. With over 20 years experience the business has expanded due to the large customer portfolio based on a friendly trustworthy...
  16. 2

    24-7 Electrical Services Leeds

    24-7 Electrical Services are a fully insured, NICEIC certified Leeds Electrician based in Morley,and serving the surrounding areas. Our work is fully certified and guaranteed and in line with IEE wiring regulations. Our staff are fully trained and experienced electricians with over 20 years of...
  17. andyb


    I don't market myself as an alarm installer however I fit alarms for customers when requested. I usually install Scantronic but have fitted others. What I'm looking for is a fully wired system but I'd like to use a wireless SAB with a solar panel. I see these on fully wireless systems but I want...
  18. jaydub


    Whilst I am in my last couple of months before I fully qualify as an electrician I will be self-employed and doing electrician mate work for various people. What do I do about insurance? I was looking at trade direct insurance and they seem like a good company, does anyone have any experience...
  19. L

    Will I have the right jobs for AC NICEIC

    Hi, Im would like to know if i would currently be able to provide the right jobs to join NICEIC approved scheme. I Have been an electrician for the last 12 years fully qualified all tickets etc.... but have been with my company for 1 and a half years on various projects. we are currently...
  20. R

    What qualifications do i need

    Hi everyone, i am new to this so please bare with me lol. I trained to be an electrician for 3 years around 10 years ago. I gained my nvq level 1 and 2 and technical certificate level 3. But after i tried to get employment so i could do my nvq level 3 but failed.due to the recession so i...
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