1. S

    Professional Indemnity insurance Solar PV

    Our current broker can no longer offer PI insurance for solar PV along with public liability insurance. Can anyone recommend an insurer who will offer PI for 'normal' electrical works plus solar pv? thanks
  2. Davisonp

    Run on indemnity Insurance.

    I have got a job and am closing the limited company which I and my wife set up and are the only directors. Do I need run on Indemnity Insurance? Is it worth considering or not practical for someone who did predominantly household repairs? Thank you for any advice.
  3. sevuk

    Insurance, specifically professional indemnity

    I'm insured with Direct Line for Public Liability, they don't treat church steeples as a hazardous location which is useful to me. However their professional indemnity insurance doesn't appear to cover doing any electrical installation condition reporting, which is part of what I do. Any...
  4. A

    Professional indemnity insurance

    Hi Every one I have till now certified my own work and issued the certs as required but now have a job that requires to certify third party work. I have inquired from NAPIT and they want a fee and also require Indemnity Insurance of £250K (minimum).Spoke to STORMA and the person told me that...
  5. J

    EICR required for Part P installations?

    Hi Everyone, I have been told that when I join a Part P scheme I have to complete an EICR form for every installation or addition to a circuit before I can do any work on the circuit. So even putting a new socket on a bedroom circuit I have to complete an EICR form. To do that I have to have...
  6. R


    Hi all, Hope your having a good week up to now. I am an industrial electrician and have carried out inspection and testing on large scales down to small domestic households but always done it through a firm so dont get involved in the paperwork/sending side. My friend requires a EICR carrying...
  7. L

    EICR Im new here please advise

    i only normally do Domestic Work, and have NIC DI status, i been asked to do a EICR on a indian restaurant(old Pub) near me, and im not sure if im legally allowed to do it, i sure i can manage all the testing and inspection but i need to know if there anything extra i need to do to cover my a**...
  8. B

    insurance question

    hi all just a quick question ive been looking at quotes and i would like to know if i actully need indemnity insurance its a given that i require public liability insurance thoughts please .
  9. S

    Can i carry out a periodic inspection without 2391

    The title of this thread pretty much says it all. i was asked to carry out a periodic inspection of a commercial building. i have got my 2330 levels 2 & 3, as well as 17th edition, and am also part P registered. however im not sure weather these qualifications cover it, or you would have to have...
  10. P

    Help with building notices/reporting procedures

    Hello all, I've been asked by a neighbour friend to change a consumer unit and was going to do it on a building notice. Question is do I need insurance cover or are the LABC liable because I'll go down the proper route and declare the job and provide PIR EIC etc? Got 2391, 2330 all you need to...
  11. stef

    Cheap PI insurance

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a cheap PI insurance so that I can do PIRs. All the quotes (for 2m cover) I get are about £400 a year:eek: The quotes for liability insurance (2m) range from £60.- to £100.- Sometimes even with the same company. All the details are the same, why is there so much...
  12. stef

    Quote for PI insurance

    Hi guys, may I ask how much p.a. your paying for PI insurance? I have a quote for £440 which is a bit steep. :eek:
  13. S

    Do I need Indemnity insurance ?

    Hi All, If I start doing periodic inspections, will I need indemnity insurance ? Cheers Steve
  14. L


    hi all need some advice please ive just taken out public liability ins and pound out it doesnt have proffesional indemnity could i ask the difference between the 2 as dont understand it? Ive heard that if you are doing periodics you need proffesional indemnity? if so what level of cover do i...
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