1. Loki

    Electric car battery 200 miles with 6 mins charge time

    Just seen this Electric car breakthrough - Battery with 200 miles of range can be recharged in MINUTES -
  2. H

    For Sale '11 Plate Fiat Doblo 80k miles

    No longer needed after next week, so looking to sell. Opening up on here before it gets listed on Auto Trader next Friday. If anyone is interested drop me a PM, but I feel the price is usually enough to whittle out those that are interested or not. Will be looking for £3500 on Auto Trader...
  3. K

    Bloody customers

    Why is it always sparks who get down graded. It's radiclous, train for so many years to work to a strict regulations and in the end we get asked can you change 1 double socket for me? I live 20 miles away. Can you do it for £10. Yeh sure darling I will definatly leave my missus and kids at home...
  4. VoltzElectrical

    Philae' Rosetta mission is a hoax!

    Does anyone else think that it's a bit far fetched to believe a probe launched 10 years ago, with possibly even older technology can be shot through space 300 million miles, then somehow 'landed and operated' on a gravity free rock hurtling through space? This is the Western Front Willy...
  5. tuckermot

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib travel time

    Hi all can some confirm that I can only claim above travel time one way only today I travelled 220 miles each way yard to site but only claim one way 220 miles cheers Richard
  6. tuckermot

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECA registered Jib ect

    Hi all the firm i work for are ECA registered and abide by the Jib.I have a JIB level 2 trainee electrical ecs card .question is when i travel to and back from site in a company van i get paid jib rates for the travelling can any one tell me how it is worked out i have looked at the jib site and...
  7. T

    Iveco daily 2.8 diesel swb 88000 miles, 6 months mot for sale

    Hi forum i have an Iveco daily 29L9 SWB low roof 2.8 diesel van for sale. its a 2000 (X) its done 88000 miles cambelt done at 80000 miles just had the handbrake cables and rear brakes done. long mot (January 2013) security locks on the rear door very clean condition, it has 3 seats at the...
  8. B

    Domestic Energy Assessor

    Has anyone investigated yet whether it is worth becoming a domestic energy assessor for next April so that one can issue EPC Level Cs (initial cost in time/money and ongoing costs)?
  9. R

    Mileage and tax - self assessment

    Well I've finally submitted my return for the year, but with next year's in mind, someone who very kindly helped me with this return said that instead of saving up the diesel tickets, you can take a note of mileage and claim 40p a mile on it.... how do you do this on self assessment? I know you...
  10. B

    check it when you by something in screwfix

    went to screwfix to buy a extractor fan yesterday, the fan was in a box and i did not open the box to check. but when i got to site and openned it found it has been used before, some pink painting clearly inside the fan, so i realised that it could be faulty, but still tried to install it...
  11. R

    Wanted: Very cheap estate car

    Anyone selling a very cheap estate car? I'm talking a real piece of **** here, I don't want to pay any more than £100. Running or not, don't care, but if you know what's wrong with it, let me know. Must be within, ooh let's say 50 miles of Newport, S Wales. Anything considered. Cheers folks.
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