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  1. Lou

    Anyone going to UK Construction Week from 8th to 10th October 2019

    We are going to be popping down on the 9th to meet with @FIXRADIO before their awards later in the evening. (Have you nominated anyone? If not you can here) Are any sponsors or members going to be there? It would be nice to say hello :)
  2. M

    ECS laborer, new policy from 1th october 2017

    Hello everyone, My name is Mihai and i'm new on the forum I'm new on the forum and i have an issue in obtaining the ECS card, i passed the assessment and i apply to get the card insane, after the verification they put on hold my application because i should upload on my application the...
  3. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  4. S

    Did FITS just get extended on Ofgem website?

    Have Ofgem just extended FITS? - Ofgem website says published 30th October, but file dates says last night? Confused!
  5. trypod

    Megger MFT 1720 as new

    For sale Megger MFT 1720 firmware 2.08 Calibrated on 29th October 2013 Firmware upgraded 25th October 2013 £400 ono + £27.00 Special delivery PM for more info
  6. R

    MK 100A Switches

    Got this email today so thought I'd let everyone know incase anyone has fitted one recently Dear Customer, We have identified an issue with the manufacture of a limited number of MK Sentry 100A Switch Disconnectors that could fail and overheat, presenting a potential fire risk. We became...
  7. D

    Announcement - Barker: Boom and bust for solar must be avoided

    Barker: Boom and bust for solar must be avoided Check this link on the DECC website - soon to be live? : Department of Energy and Climate Change Also two links which are not yet working: DECC press notice on the announcement of the Phase 1 review - 31 October 2011 Written Ministerial...
  8. R

    Solar Output Problem

    Hello Guys, I have had a 3Kw system installed on one of my houses but recently i have been wondering about the output i am getting out of it. I was provided with a SMA inverter and have got installed Amerisolar panels. Since the past 3 weeks or so, i have seen significant changes in the...
  9. E

    The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Announcement

    Hi Guys, The DECC have just confirmed The Renewable Heat Incentive so thought this would be a good chance for everyone to throw any questions in. The RHI is going to be available to commercial customers from July 2011 with Domestic users able to access it from October 2012. It appears the...
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