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  1. happyhippydad

    Stroma's new installer portal

    I have just tried to notify a job through Stroma's new installer portal and it is saying I have insufficient 'web credit'. I pay for my notifications by direct debit. Do you now have to put some credit on your account before you can notify jobs?
  2. mhar

    Stroma Certification Scheme Defeated By Stroma Online Certification

    Never been the most intuitive piece of software to use. I am trying to certify / notify a new build but the address isn't in their database as it hasn't been signed off yet. It hasn't been signed off yet because I haven't certified and notified. I am unable to certify or notify because the...
  3. S

    MCS 012 Delayed for 3 months

    No surprise there ... MCS 012 delayed by three months | Solar Power Portal
  4. methley

    Remote monitoring of generation meter and SolarEdge inverter

    I have a SolarEdge install on a rental property. Currently my tenants are happy to give me a generation meter reading every quarter and have also connected the inverter to their broadband modem so I can monitor the system. One day (hopefully not too soon!) these tenants will move on. When...
  5. P

    questions for solar edge expert and power one professionals (bait)

    1. se4000 inverter communicating with bt home hub via powerline adaptors. Inverter has no rj45 socket so had to strip cable and connect 123 and 6 to a terminal strip marked ethernet, s_ok comes up in lcd screen, site becomes active on monitoring portal. The problem is that no data is present...
  6. methley

    SolarEdge monitoring portal update

    Has anyone else noticed the SolarEdge monitoring portal has been updated today? There's a new admin section which allows quite a lot of self-configuration which could only previously be done via the support desk. However the site layout section appears to be broken :-( I've dropped them a...
  7. dansk


    Fit my first system this week using SolarEdge, the monitering portal login came through on Sunday - and im obsessed with it, im amazed at the per panel output, ive never seen anything like this before and i am really impressed. The detail is excellent.
  8. P

    MK Super Switch

    Has anyone used the new super switch range from MK it's like their tesco own brand kind of range. I've only just seen it in the new catalogue on the iPhone app
  9. L


    Need a bit of help guys! Does anybody have any idea what sort of equipment is required to protect and monitor a generator against; Loss of excitation Overvoltage Unbalanced current operation Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks
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