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  1. static zap

    RIP Richard Baker - News -and kids show narrator

    Aged 93 ,and still reading 6:00 News at his retirement home ! Missing his soothing voice " Mary Mungo and Midge " , from an era when they were not paid as stars !
  2. M

    Hello from Rich......

    Not sure how relevant this forum is but I'm keen to find out
  3. polo1

    Domestic Annual testing of LD2 smoke/heat detection systemstest

    Hi, what happened to the Fire Detection forum???? Anyways, are any of you guys involved in annual testing of smoke/heat detection systems in private rented properties? If so, what form of report/certification are you using? I've had a look on the NIC online certification site, but the only cert...
  4. Lou

    Richard Davies Electrical Services

    Richard Davies Electrical Services your local electrician for south west Wales. Richard Davies Electrical Services will carry out all aspects of electrical installation, maintenance and testing. We are a registered NICEIC Domestic Installer – giving you the confidence that all works are...
  5. Soulsurfer

    Floor sensor tube / conduit

    Although prob easy question, I am installing my first heat mat and am wishing to make sure that the floor sensor is fitted right ! I have got some small tube that I'm pretty sure the sensor goes inside and protects it when it sits in chase in floor before self levelling goes down. But do you...
  6. W

    Hilti fear for sale

    I have a load of Hilti gear that I don't intend to use. I'm getting kits now with K2 so ive no use for it. I live in Nottinghamshire, if anybody is interested in buying it email me at [email protected] and I'll send you a list of what I've got. Cheers
  7. tuckermot

    cutting chip board floors and pipe/cable detector

    I am going to be cutting some chip board floors with my circular saw and to be honest when working on domestic propertys i have a total fear of cutting through pipes/cables underneath,even after setting the circular saw.I want to purchase a second hand detector and the ones i have had in the...
  8. tuckermot

    Trade apptitude test !!!

    Hi All Can any one tell me where on the net i can find some examples of the bennet mechanicle comprehension test. (Test papers ect) . I have a test next monday and i need to get me head round this !!! Richard
  9. W

    Tenby double pole grid kitchen switches

    Hi does anyoneknow where I can purchase Tenby 20a dp switches - need at least 2 labelled as washing machine. Part No. 2023 DP, example taken from Barretts build circa 2004. Thanks Richard
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