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  1. littlespark

    Where's the sticky thread for old stuff?

    Doing a little job in my local pub:- changing double sockets to ones with USB chargers built in and 90 or so portable appliance tests... I came across this old man in the cupboard. and its 30A little brother on the opposite wall. 2 out of 3 fuse carriers missing from inside so incomplete.
  2. happyhippydad

    Sticky line running up wall from sockets and switches?

    A customer has asked me to add some sockets. Whilst there she asked if I new what the lines running up the wall from her light switches and sockets were. They are slightly sticky to the touch and this is not recent work it has been in situ for some time. The picture with the light switch to the...
  3. L

    Commercial Labelling

    Hi Regarding labeling of DB's. I have been informed that stickers are not to be used on DB units and that plastic/ traffolyte labels are to be screwed on. Are these regulations or just a preferred method. This was whilst working at a train station. Thanks in advance
  4. M

    Domestic Domestic cable routes - cable ties/bases

    Hi, Is it a common practice nowadays to use cable tie bases and ties to fix cables above ceilings and along joist runs? I have used them commercially a fair bit but only once in domestic. I've got a rewire/newbuild to do and it will take forever if I use clips for all power,lights, tv &...
  5. P

    learning disabled petition

    The college that my son, who has learning difficulties, attended is under threat from cuts. They have just started this e-petition to try and get it discussed by MPs - it's a big ask as i think it needs 100,000 signatories. It did a brilliant job for him and i would hate others not to have the...
  6. C

    500mA RCD

    HI, first post so treat me gently please! (Also posted this in the Sticky Threads by mistake). At work we have a moveable electric hoist unit that travels round and gets plugged in via a fly lead on a spring loaded cable extension drum to one of various sockets. The sockets are fed as a radial...
  7. C

    Tell us your faults

    Has anyone had any good faults to tell and managed to rectify the faults? Always find them interesting to hear about
  8. G

    Horrid Jobs

    Following on from the silly mistakes thread, Ive just done what I consider to be a bloody horid job. Quite simple only renew 2 double sockets and the back boxes (surface mounted). They were located under a counter in a kebeb shop and litterely dripping in grease, but not the good stuff thats...
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