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  1. Dan

    Wickes Discounts and Deals

    Just had an email about these offers from Wickes. Not sure if they're anything you'd be interested in but thought I'd share anyway just in case. 15% off Tiles and Flooring In store and Online Up to £100 off Bosch Blue products 20% off Mixer showers and taps Up to 33% off RTF kitchens plus...
  2. polo1

    Clipsal or equivalent rcbo

    Hi guys/gals, can anyone confirm what other make(s) of rcbo will fit a Clipsal split board? I've searched the forum but can't see any definitive answers - and please, no debates about mixing makes of mcb, rcbo etc, needs must. (if anyone has a 10amp Clipsal rcbo to sell, that would be even...
  3. happyhippydad

    Fixing to a plasterboard wall?

    I have been asked to fit the following A Glimpse Mirror and shaver socket. Overall dimensions: 50cm H x 39cm D and weight is 6.2 kg's. I think it should be ok on a plasterboard wall but just wanted some opinions (with regards the weight)? I wont be able to locate it on any joists because...
  4. B

    Solar can heater help

    Hi guys, I want to build a solar pop can heater but a little electrical work is involved and I have no idea what to do so would appreciate any help you can provide. Here is my plan: To build a box around 150 - 180 x 60cm and have some way to put a computer fan in it to blow the air...
  5. F

    Domestic Cable Quality

    Hi, I'm just about to start a full re-wire of my house and looking for some decent T&E cable. Is the Turkish Altin brand, sold at Wickes, as good as any other BASEC approved cable? Thanks
  6. R

    Wickes flat drill bits

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that Wickes' new style flat wood drill bits (the black ones) seem to be top drawer. Forgot my DeWalt set yesterday so had to get a temporary set from wickes - cost a tenski for a set I think it was a 9, 13, 16, 19, 25, 32, and a mini tool roll to keep them in...
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