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  1. BruvDunk

    Is the Youtube generation helping the trade?

    Recently been watching a few Youtube videos/ blogs of sparks filming their day to day stuff. Just wondering about if this is good thing for the trade? Surely it gives the DIYers some more info on carrying out stuff that should be left to qualified folk.. Any thoughts ?
  2. Pete999

    Couldn't afford ant solder then

  3. jonnyb

    YouTube channels worth a look?

    Hey chaps, there's a few YouTube channels I watch from time to time, sparkyninja is good, very informative. I like John Wards stuff too, very dry delivery. Thomas Nagy's channel is good to have a little cry at London's prices. Any recommendations on what other people have a look at?
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Sealed Meters

    A whole new take on cutting the seahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXz0H5D6jEcl off
  5. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to put a plug top on, or not

    Yes I know it's American for those who complain that most of the Videos I post are from over the pond, but I thought you might like it (You know who you are)
  6. LeeH

    500A vs domestic meter.

    Start from 5:30 if you're in a rush.
  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Martin MK

    Think I might have posted this before, worth another shot thoughhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKJpQwYXH34
  8. Pete999

    Pete's Videos working at height has been ignored then

    Better now??
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos The Cowboys, staring Sparky Chanel

    Yes I am an Anorakhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxQ5fA-Ry1kbut Jesus this takes the biscuit. More Follow later, ignore if you wish, I reckon this should be called Electric Comedy, Iknow you don;t need to tell me what a sad F===== I am
  10. Pro Electrician

    ELEX Show

    Please check out the latest video from the recent ELEX trade show at Ally Pally. It was out first show in North London and it attracted 3,298 tradesmen over the 2 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIja2YlMOjU Next show: Manchester, Event City 9th & 10th March http://www.elexshow.info/...
  11. B

    Cupboard under stairs lighting

    Hi I'm looking to fit a light in the cupboard under my stairs, there is a single socket on the wall next to the cupboard door in the hallway with the wires clipped on the inside. Not certain yet if this is a spur or on the normal ring circuit but if it's a spur then could I possibly fit a 13a...
  12. Pete999

    The QUO

    Sad news Rick Parfitt passed away.
  13. B

    Christmas adverts

    Well we get new ones every year anyone remember "ticker ticker timex la la la" Well it aint christmas till the coca cola advert comes on itv. Well now we have an english version by cadburys! Well we would have but cadburys is owned by Mondelez (kraft foods an american company) Does this look...
  14. H

    Foam Party at a Power Station

  15. Wes1000

    Dangerous how to guide.

    Check out this guy! I nearly fell off my chair when I watched it and just had to share it. If this isn't an advert for dangerous work I don't know what is?!
  16. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Hot

    Not electrical but???
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