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Doing a few jobs for a customer today and I came across a triple pole switch which had the bare earth being used as the switched live (SL)!!!

To make matters worse, the SL in the light switch went up under the floorboards in to a junction box somewhere, where it must have joined the earth, meaning I couldn't get to it. No bathroom light for the customer now until fixed.

In addition!!!!!!

1mm cable taken from a shower switch, this went to a fused spur (on the supply side). On the load side of the fused spur was another 1mm cable which was also live, from the lighting circuit. There was no fuse in place. I initially isolated the shower, believing the spur to be fed from this as I could see the whole cable run. Thank goodness I did safe isolation on the other 1mm cable (on the load side), I couldn't believe it when it showed 230V!
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