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Hi all, how easy is it to be able to shorten the drop tube of a semi flush light fitting ? Essentially what tools would I need for cutting the threaded stem if I shorten the tube ? i.e. if the light hangs down too low and I want to raise it up closer to the ceiling. I've threaded plenty of conduit in my time but never tube or stems this small. It will be a single tube stem a bit like the one in the photo.Ceiling light I.jpgn this photo.
I assume the fitting you want to modify isn't already adjustable (eg two parts that slide one within the other)

If you tackle the top of the tube, apart from the business of cutting it, the tools needed will surely depend on how the fitting is constructed, and also how you propose to reassemble it.
If the tube is currently threaded at the top, and held up with a nut, after you've cut it to the new length, you might decide not to thread it, but to use another method.
You might find or make a collar with retaining screws to fix on the end of the tube, or drill a hole through one side of the tube and out the other, and hold it up with a split pin, or bolt, or a stud through the hole, or even slice the tube vertically in pairs of cuts close together and bend tabs outwards like 'wings'.
On the other hand if you have a set of dies that include the thread of the original fixing, you can put a new thread on the end!
If it's chrome plated you might have to remove at least some of the plating before trying to cut the thread.
It would be good to remove the flex within the tube first, which presumably means disassembling the bottom part of the fitting first. So I wouldn't say it was 'easy', but if you plan what to do first, it should be 'straightforward'

Suggest you need at least a hacksaw and a file, and if you don't already have suitable dies, I would abandon thread cutting and use a different method.
Thankyou for your reply. I am more than willing to go the whole hog of dismantling and replace or repairing the light fitting. I have some lights that I like but with ceilings at only 8 feet the tube needs cutting and shortening. I used to have ceilings at nearly 10 feet in my previous property so I wanted to cut and thread the tubular stem which isn't telescopic so I was just wondering if anyone here was doing light repairs or restorations that might be able to give me tips on the 'How To' but I do like the split pin suggestion. I have seen this on older fittings but forgot all about it. Thanks for the reminder. Cheers
You could try these

Thankyou for this. This is very helpful, I should have found this myself really but I was considering using the cut and thread option just because I like doing stuff like that but this is a nice easy option. Damn, I was hoping to get more tools into my tool set.🤣 Cheers........
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