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  1. E

    tax issue, need some help is it worth getting an accountant to deal with it?

    i started working for an agency for 3 months, i have about 700 worth of expenses to claim , i am now in full time employment so wondering how i claim this back? Also looking to start doing work out of my full time hours to build up a business, how do i go self employed whilst still in...
  2. K

    CIS Tax Rebates - accountant needed??

    Hi I registered with the CIS a couple of months ago and wanted to know if I need an accountant to handle my tax rebate at the end of the year? If so, if anybody can recommend someone who specialises in this area? I'm in Manchester. Cheers
  3. rolyberkin

    Ltd Company - Van Maintenance

    I am just about to switch from sole trader to Ltd Company (the company is all set up but not yet trading) I have got to go and see an accountant in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime as in the next few days my van needs a service/MOT and probably a load of work.........!:-( If i...
  4. I

    Tax rebate on tools and testing equipment

    I've just got into the self employed/self assessment loop. I don't know which way is up after reading so much bumph. HMRC site just takes you round in circles. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I shall be using Cash basis tax format. So does anyone know :- what I can claim for, how much...
  5. T

    Accountancy question

    I'm in the process of setting up on my own, and I'm looking into getting a van on finance. My question is having set up a ltd company if I get the finance on the van in my name can I claim the vat back and tax through the company or would the loan have to be under the company name (think I will...
  6. C


    Hi does anyone else pay a yearly insurance premium to protect against professional fees(accountants) if investigated by Hmrc? My accountant trying to sell me a £320 one off payment to cover all cost if I got investigated . Stewart
  7. D

    Paying for training through limited company

    Hi chaps, I'm very new to the business side of the game, but I'm going to be setting up as a limited company in the next couple of months. I'm going to be the sole shareholder and will deposit a lump sum to fund the start up. At some point I'm going to go back to college and do my 2392 and...
  8. B

    Is part P training tax deductible?

    I did a part 'p' training course with new career skills last year. Now I am working as a sole trader and need to do a tax return. The course cost about £5k and I am hopeing to claim back the tax on it. I looked on the HMRC website and it is not very clear, I was wondering, has anyone else...
  9. Floody

    Accountant for Tax Returns

    Not too sure if this allowed here, so will give it a go nonetheless. Im looking for someone to do my self assesment at the end of the year. Im new to being self employed and genuinley havent the slightest clue what to do when it comes to doing the tax return. All ive been told by the people I...
  10. Q

    do I really need an accountant?

    I wanted to know if any of you have accountants to do your books and if the benefits outweigh the costs? I keep being recommended SJD contractor accountants who are meant to be the biggest and the best for small business and freelancers. Slightly worried that they might have the biggest price...
  11. G

    Book keeping

    Just started my own buisness last month. Just wondering the best way to keep my books for tax purposes. Layout etc. Manythanks Gary
  12. sythai

    Accountanct fees...??..!!

    Just want to check how this compares against others. Have recently had to go VAT registered. Asked my accountant what his fees would now be ? £200 per quarter for vat £200 year for tax return So that gone up from £200 a year to £1000, great ! Is that about right, think I may have to look...
  13. P

    Tax relief on installations

    One of my clients wants to claim back tax relief through using his capital allowance entitlement on installations such as his new air con and fire alarm system. Anybody know a good reputable adviser that they can recommend?
  14. BigSi

    Going Limited? Package or Accountant?

    Hi guys, after a little bit of advice. I’m currently sub-contracting to a large company through a recruitment agency. One of the managers asked if I had ever thought about subbing direct to them on a labour only bases (day rate & price work). They have a lot of work coming up (working for...
  15. C

    Administration for Sole Trader

    Evening All... Have been CIS for past 18Months so HMRC Registered and paying own NI. Looking to fill the gaps have decided to put myself about locally within my means. I have a Small Business Accountant for my Tax Return, so advice on book keeping is OK. I'm getting together some layouts for...
  16. J

    Sole trader or LTD?

    Hi all Ive been working as a sole trader for one particular firm for about a year or so, recently hes given me an abundance of work on price with quite alot of continuity. my question is is it worth me going LTD? the values per month will b quite substantial and im just trying to work out...
  17. M

    Business accounts...advice please

    I am a small electrical business and been trading just over 18 months. I try to keep my invoices, bank statements, etc intact and in order but what I dont really understand is how people put new vans, etc through the business. Am I right in saying that for example if you earn £35k gross...
  18. R

    Mileage and tax - self assessment

    Well I've finally submitted my return for the year, but with next year's in mind, someone who very kindly helped me with this return said that instead of saving up the diesel tickets, you can take a note of mileage and claim 40p a mile on it.... how do you do this on self assessment? I know you...
  19. R

    Self Assessment

    URGH well I have one more thing to ring them up about tomorrow but then my tax return for 09-10 is DONE! Thanks mainly to my brilliant missus who explained all the stuff I didn't understand (most of it) and also made me a sweet spreadsheet with macros and buttons and everything (which I PROMISE...
  20. O

    Sole Trader and Company "Director" at the same time?

    Does anybody know if HMRC will allow you to be a Sole Trader and a Company Director in the same year. The reason for asking is that I'm a Sole Trader, as is my mate, but on bigger jobs we work together, invoicing clients seperately. I was wondering if we could retain our sole trader "roles"...
  21. P

    **CHARITY AUCTION** Fluke t5-1000

    Fluke t5-100 brand new.fantastic bit of kit here kindly donated by amberleaf who as i am sure we all know spends a lot of time already on this forum with some fantastic threads that have helped i am sure many many members on here. here Auction will end next Friday 20th August at 10pm...
  22. A

    Sole trader, tax return, claimable?

    First year as a sole trader and first tax return. Just looking for some advice on what kinds of things can be 'claimed' ? *Food receipts (work out of town a lot)? *Fuel receipts for Van? *Stationary for book keeping etc? *Tool receipts? *Parking receipts? Really don't have a clue what...
  23. J

    accountancy fees

    This is my first full year of being self-employed since ten years ago.Now im aware accountancy is not an exact science,i have just received my invoice from my accountant and was quite shocked.All receipts and invoices were i neat date order in plastic wallets,totals for net income,car...
  24. M


    Does anyone know of a good accountant in the south east london area who won't cost me an arm,leg,left kidney etc........... Much appreciated.
  25. carl9254


    Hello, just about to start out on my own, may be a silly question but im still not 100% on how the paperwork works, recipts, invoices, tax etc, can anyone explain?? Thank you.
  26. J

    Keeping Good Records (bookkeepin)

    Hi all only been self employed For 5 months and still not sorted out a proper method of keeping records. I do keep a diary of the jobs and price of the job. I just wanted to know how you guys sort your records out. i intend on getting an accountant to sort the tax man out but want to make it...
  27. V

    Book keeping

    Just want some ideas please, do you guys use excel spreadsheets that you made or bought? or some other good software on the market?
  28. bcm_spark

    Self Assessment - Allowable Expenses

    Evening all, hope you are all keeping busy! I just wondered what amount people claimed for things such as heating, washing of clothes, use of a room (if using a room at your house), dog (security?), vehicle depreciation, anything else? Ive got a list of my usual expenses - fuel, phone, van...
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