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    Auction sites & their rip off's

    A friend asked me to pick up & check out some stuff he'd bought via an online auction. Only 3 items all in original boxes, so I stupidly picked them up today :mad: 1) A set of jump leads all nicely packed: Open them up to find no Croc clips attached to the wires, 1 of the Black clips missing &...
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    EBay Logic

    I still had links to other DCD795N drills when i brought mine, were i paid £59 (Postage included) and someone is selling it for £64 with vat (postage included) But the Auction £64 with £8 Postage cost. Total costs £72, well costing them £8 more than the buy now. ------------- I once sold a...
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    Multi Function Tester For Sale

    Hi Guys, selling my Fluke 1651, full working order, all leads, carry case. Needs calibrating. Selling as my company provide a tester so surplus to requirements. ebay auction no: 331101855213 bidding starting at £95 Auction ends thursday evening
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    **CHARITY AUCTION** megger MIT300 Series Insulation and Continuity Testers

    again with thanks to elecsa jean mickle and Neil Hayden we have the above to auction off the auction will run until the 6th of october at 10pm great bit of kit and thanks also goes to megger for donating it for us check out the other auction thread where ideal have been kind enough through...
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    Big thank you to Click service software

    A big thanks to clik service for their support for the auction. Paul Snowden has kindly donated it for us towards the charity appeal, yet another generous gift from a well known and trusted company. Thanks also to April Boulton for arranging the product delivery when the auction ends.
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    **charity auction** NICEIC dvd's

    we have for the charity for sale a set of niceic dvs a warm thanks goes out to the niceic for providing these for us. the auction will run until 10PM friday the 27th
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    **CHARITY AUCTION** Fluke t5-1000

    Fluke t5-100 brand new.fantastic bit of kit here kindly donated by amberleaf who as i am sure we all know spends a lot of time already on this forum with some fantastic threads that have helped i am sure many many members on here. here Auction will end next Friday 20th August at 10pm...
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    **CHARITY AUCTION** Megger Multi-meter

    here we have a megger multi meter up for grabs from Napit brand new and all the proceeds will go to the pen charity`s Auction will end next Thursday 19th August at 10pm
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    Ford Transit Connect WANTED

    hHi guys, Im currently looking to buy a Ford Transit Connect van for my company which i have recently started. Please let me know if there are any going with decent mileage.. Thanks! :D
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